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No description

Karen Nemeth

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Resume

Karen Nemeth
(347) 323-7166

Where I'm Headed
Contact Information
The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art
BE, Civil Engineering Full-Tuition Scholarship 2008-2012
The Middlesex County Academy for Science, Math and Engineering Tech
2005-2008 #13 STEM High School in US
For complete details of employment and project history please see my linked in: www.linkedin.com/pub/karen-nemeth/30/810/3a7/
Zubatkin Owner Representation
The Hackerati
Intern at a 25 person firm managing the business side of non-profit construction projects in NYC
Digitized marketing department and helped expand project base by 25% across 2 new sectors

National 9/11 Memorial Museum
Coordinated project scheduling between 9 vendors
Assembled action items from weekly meetings
Managed vendor RFI’s
The Spence School
Organized deliveries and assembling of furniture and signage
Produced punch-lists during project closeout
Directed owner’s non-union vendors working along-side CM’s union vendors

Weston Westport Family Y
Created company’s first project implementation plan in a 2 person team
Devised several options for schedules, budgets, designs, and team organization
Digitized complete bidding process for 5 construction managers and 3 architects
Journeyman at an agile software consulting startup
Direct and implement scalable recruiting methods to grow from 6 person team to 27+
Provide assistance with sales/HR/product management/business development when needed

The Huffington Post
Program manager of new PHP API's for mobile apps
Beta tested android app
Designed features of android app including widget
Recruiter responsible for 10 new hires
The Hackerati Academy
Director of a free coding school with over 30 graduates
Designed Netflix-like movie recommendation system, Hackflix, for the school to build out over 8 weeks utilizing different languages
Recruited Professor and associates
Marketing for a balanced world
Crowd Sourcing/Producing a meditation documentary
MPA in Sustainable Development
More scuba diving, surfing and hiking around the world

Designed a location-based social networking coupon application for smartphones
Offered $2M investment for developed business and marketing plan
Vicissitude Shoes
Developed convertible stiletto-to-flat shoes
Created marketing, production and lifecycle plans

12-Volt House
NSF Fellowship to lead a team of 5 to design an all-natural, easy-to-construct house for climate refugees in Jirapa, Ghana
Features: Passive cooling and dehumidification, 12-volt solar electricity, bamboo frame, rainwater collection for safe drinking and household plumbing
Tested compositions of mud and earth to be cultivated while providing structural integrity
Agile in Creative Havens
Created true-to-nature presentation on how Pixar utilizes agile management approaches
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