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MICROS eCommerce

No description

Roman Weiner

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of MICROS eCommerce


Guest Needs
Guest Experience
– Before their visit
Guest Experience
– during their visit
Guest Experience
– after their visit
The future is here with
MCP Positioning
Exploring new business opportunities
Clouds and hosted services
Growing consumer access to technology
Rising costs
Online proliferation on a global scale
Need for mobile optimization
Social Media
Increasing guest expectations
Travel Agency
Omni channel
Creating and defining
Guest Experiences
Consumer needs
Fast, easy and flexible
reservation process
Clarity and speed in communication re. reservation, confirmation
Mobile optimised access to all information
A multichannel Loyalty Program to reward all guest visits in the same restaurant / restaurant chain
A full responsive design website and booking engine fully optimised for guest smartphones, tablets & laptops
Want to enjoy the benefits of a complete digital experience
Wants to be able to access and download bills
and invoices
Can display and manage guest membership points
Customer looks in Google for a restaurant
Share experiences
Fast, easy, clear and flexible purchasing process
A mobile optimised user experience specifically designed around the needs of different target groups
A multichannel Loyalty Program to reward all his shopping
A full Responsive Design Website and mCommerce experience optimized for smartphones, tablets & laptops, regardless screen resolution
Can display and manage membership points;
can redeem loyalty awards
Access to benefits like membership/loyalty points, vouchers and pre-negotiated Corporate Rates
Guest Experience applications can be downloaded to the own device independent if it is a smartphone, Android or iOS
Complete end-to-end solution which allows guests to access all hotels within the group, search for and book a room, make advance requests
MCP can integrate into the hotel app to provide guests with a complete journey experience
A multilingual, interactive in-room guest experience application that allows hotel guests to view, access and interact with the complete range of facilities and services on offer at the hotel
Tailored content relevant to the guest such as local attractions with bookings, flight & weather information, spa booking facilities in the hotel
Guest interaction through integration with customer service departments, room service and check their membership schemes
Provide the ultimate guest experience though personalized messaging
Stay in touch and keep your loyal customers updated, informed with personalized messages
Based on tablet technology, multilingual to improve guest dining experience
Applications are fully integrated to the restaurant POS systems and can be delivered to tablets,Kiosks and websites to enable guests to make their orders directly from a self service channel of their choice. The content engaging diners by providing rich visual information to place their order directly to the kitchen.
Mobility extension of the digital menu platform enabling busy guests to make orders directly from their smartphone
Speeds up ordering and payment process, reduces queues at the bar, counter
Offering a full wine or bar module with dynamic content updates from the POS
Location based services to identified guests
Powerful loyalty tool with cross promotion based on user habits
creates seamless integration of channels
MICROS, is a global leader in technology solutions for hospitality and retail and enables its customers to trade anywhere and everywhere, offering a seamless cross-channel experience to their guests, consumers. MICROS cross-channel platform provides the functionality that allows guests to successfully engage endusers
- a true end to end global solution suite.
MICROS delivers results across all consumer touchpoints: store, web, direct and mobile.
MICROS differentiators from competition:
Hospitality and retail industry expertise coupled with eCommerce knowledge
Ecommerce knowledge includes systems to open up online sales channels and SEO, SEM, creative services and designs (UI/UX)
Solutions for B2C & B2B sales channel management
MICROS data center
Everything from a single source (Hardware, Software, Web, eCommerce)
Reference customers
eCommerce gives great benefits to the consumer. Customers are more techno savvy than ever before and have more choice of where and how to shop. Multi-channel technology solutions deliver seamless customer journey and experience.
Mobile and Social Reviews
pick-up in store
via mobile device, website, call center, IP TV
Designed for the mobility
Fast, easy and flexible booking and ordering process
Capturing the consumer in store and outside of the store
Creating digital strategies to acquire new customers and drive sales in existing and new areas
Experience Manager
Global Distribution System
MICROS Commerce Platform
provides integration to all consumer touch points, to deliver a rapidly deployable open solution for commerce needs across the hotel, restaurant and retail markets.
puts businesses in the cloud so that end customers can interact with you however they want: online, on their smartphones and on-site. MCP opens up new revenue channels by simplifying the way you reach your customers via an open system, that lets you work effortlessly with your customers.
Locate, choose, decide, interact and experience
Share experience
MICROS Commerce Platform is a robust transactional commerce engine with seamless integration to the MICROS wide portfolio of applications.
breaks down communication barriers, improving efficiency
is a hosted, centralised solution that manages content, communications, integrations and translations across all MICROS apps
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