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Cloud 9 Bakery

A SBT presentation

Marie Hartman

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Cloud 9 Bakery

Cloud 9 Bakery, LLC By Erin Dobler and Marie Hartman A little about the bakers..... Erin Dobler “I’ve always been a baking enthusiast and this will give me the change to share my creativity with the Twins Cities area!! My goal is to provide our costumers with not only affordable goods but tasty ones at that!" Marie Hartman “Having family and friends with gluten allergies I understand where our customers are coming from. So I felt it was my duty to bring delicious baked goods to the Twin Cities!” How it all started.... Because of a mutual love of baking for others...
A realization that gluten allergies are on the rise
And a shared passion behind the idea that everyone deserves to have a cupcake
We decided to open a bakery that no matter if your gluten-free or not we will have bake goods that
"transport your mouth AND stomach to Cloud 9" What in the world is a gluten allergy? What is gluten? Gluten is a substance found in grains, especially wheat, that is responsible for the elastic texture of dough Gluten Allergy: Is an allergic reaction to the gluten molecule found in wheat barley, or rye products

1. Celiac disease is an immune reaction to eating gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley and rye.

2. Gluten Sensitivity is when gluten has an adverse effect on the body Our mission at Cloud 9 Bakery What are we proposing? We would like to start up a Limited Liability Company, partnership What are our goals? Short-term Long-Term Goals Take a second to think.... Where are we located? 612 West Lake Street, Minneapolis MN Why did we choose this location? We both strongly believe that everyone deserves to enjoy baked goods.
So, location was crucial.
We decided on this particular spot because it was easily accessible to the majority of the Minneapolis population, and Minnesotans who travel to the Twin Cities Area So what will we be baking for you today? Cakes Breads Cookies Or whatever your stomach desires.... So who will you see in our bakery on a typical day? Primary Market Is anyone with any gluten sensitivity Meet the Howards They have a four year old, Tommy, who is a picky eater and his birthday is coming up. They are really worried because they found out two years ago that Tommy has Celiacs Disease and have been unsuccessful in finding him a gluten-free birthday cake that he and his friends will enjoy. Secondary Market Anyone who enjoys fresh, homemade baked goods Meet Anna Anna is 19 and a freshman at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. She is a long ways from home and misses the taste of her Mom's homemade brownies. At Cloud 9 Bakery we understand pleasing the entire family can be difficult... So here is what we can do for you! free samples daily

affordable pricing on all products

special discounts with documentation of allergy!

design your own cupcake birthday parties!

over the phone ordering and paying Director of Marketing and Human Resources Director of Accounting and Finance “Where your mouth and stomach will be transported to Cloud 9!” At Cloud 9 Bakery we strive to meet the gluten-free communities needs by: Offering delicious, home-made, and gluten free baked goods
Selling our products at reasonable prices
And by creating a welcoming, understanding and flexible environment To find a location that is easily accessible
To acquire all equipment
To establish a plan for purchasing perishable foods
To hire a great staff
To begin advertising through out the Twin Cities In 5 years or less we would like to:
Have over fifty regular customers.
Be able to upgrade our equipment.
In 7 years or less we would like to:
Have gained statewide recognition
Be able to open up a second store in Minnesota. At Cloud 9 Bakery we know that financing every sugar craving or want is hard! Your mouth and wallet will be on Cloud 9 when enjoying any of our baked good!

Thirsty? Try any of our delightful beverages Pshhhhh.... not at Cloud 9 Here is why! We know economic times are hard, that is why we offer all our goods at affordable prices!

We also offer WEEKLY coupons! Demographics We will encounter three types of situations at Cloud 9 Bakery The typical college student The typical family Then we have the families who have a member with a gluten sensitivity and make an annual combined income of $64,276 Downtown Minneapolis is crawling with homesick college students that on average have an annual income of $14,400. Typical single adult Your typical adult who is either health conscience; or who just enjoys good baking; and makes $36,700 annually Now onto the fun stuff... Finances First Year's Projected Income Average Monthly Expenses $22,781 Expected Number of Customer Daily Average Revenue Per Sale Forecasted Customer Cycles We are expecting to have a relatively stable order cycle because our main season is birthdays and weddings which can happen all throughout the year. However, we may see a slight spike around major holidays and graduations. How do you bake without flour? We use a blend of rice flour, potato flour, and tapioca flour. with a special ingredient to give our baked-goods that gluten containing texture we all know and love Our caring touch helps us defiy the stereotypic cracker like gluten free desert and create our little puffs of heaven that will personally "transport your mouth and stomach to Cloud 9" $37,119.00 $9,665 The Director of Accounting and Finance Rent
Business Strategies The Director of Marketing and Human Resource Hiring and Firing
Legal Matters
Business Strategies Start up costs Out of pocket cost: $11,119 or $5560 per partner Loan amount: $26,000 with payments of $300 a month Average Revenue per Month $23,586.70 When are we open? Sunday-Thursday:

Friday & Saturday: 9am-5pm 7am-9pm Who will be serving you? We are planning on hiring: Cashiers: 3
Waiters: 3
Bakers: 2 Cashiers We are looking for someone aged 16 and older who has great people skills, is able to do basic math, is willing to learn our menu items and has a love of baked goods.
Their starting wage will be $8.50 per hour Waiters When hiring waiters we are looking for 3 employees who are 18 years or older. We would like them to be easy going, and who are great with customers of all ages.
Wages begin at $7.50 not including tips. Bakers We are looking to hire two bakers who are perferably college graduates. In addition to a degree, we would like them to be easy going, flexible, have a love to try new things and for them to add personal flare to their baked goods.
Wages begin at $11 per hour. Lets take a look at our cupcake verses the competitors brownie We really appreciate you taking your time to watch our presentation Does anyone have any questions? Which did you prefer? What will it look like when your inside? Our competitor was selling four packs of two brownies for $6.00 each.

While one of our average price for a pack is $5.00
A single mini cupcake would cost $0.75 and
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