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Albert Einstein

No description

chloe vdk

on 11 March 2015

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Transcript of Albert Einstein

-Born in Ulm Germany, March 14, 1879
-Luitpold gymnasium
-Max talmud introduces him to advanced maths
-Albert decides to study to enter the swiss polytechnic school in Zurich
Family life
Greatest discoveries
End of his life
Albert Einstein
Why we chose Albert Einstein?
Who was Albert Einstein?
Early life
-a very famous german physicist, mathematician
-theory of relativity, 1915
-Herman Einstein & Pauline Einstein
-Warned America about German Atomic bomb
Albert with his siter, Maria
Albert and his first wife, Mileva.
Move to USA
Theory of relativity
- He married Mileva maric on January 6, 1903.
- mileva gave birth to two other children the first was named Hans and the second named Eduard EInstein.
- their first child was a girl named Lieserl, who either died or given up for adoption.
- he moved to America in December, 1932.
- he warned president Roosevelt of a Nazi bomb.
- he sold his paper on relativity for $6.5 million dollars
-Einstein suffered from internal bleeding
-Princeton medical university
- died the next day, april 18, 1955
-1905, proves in his paper that atoms do exist
-1915, he finishes his special theory of relativity
- Light always travels at the same speed.
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