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Brett Nelsen

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Bremen

Maps History Restaurants Bremen Population: 553, 200 Bremen is divided into Old Town on the east bank of the Weser and New Town on the west bank. Old Town retains a medieval flavor, with narrow, twisting streets and gabled houses. Prominent among its medieval buildings are the town hall and the cathedral. The medieval walls of the city have been razed and replaced by parks and lakes.

Bremen is one of the busiest ports in Germany and is a center of commerce and industry. Principal industries include shipbuilding and the manufacture of automobiles and textiles.

Bremen began as a fishing village. Late in the eighth century the emperor Charlemagne made it the seat of a bishop. By the 11th century Bremen was headquarters of an archdiocese that included Scandinavia, Iceland, and Greenland. In the 13th century, Bremen became a free (self-governing) city and a member of the Hanseatic League. The city became a part of the Electorate of Hannover in 1715 and of the German Empire in 1871. Capital Population : 553,200 CITY CENTER. Arguably among the most popular and well-regarded eateries in the city, the Ratskeller has been serving traditional German fare since 1408. One of the best places in the city to order a regional wine. Try the perch in basil, chicken ragout (a popular dish), or one of the full menu items. Interestingly, the local officials have ruled that only wine may be served here and not beer. Accordingly, some of the vintages have been aged for more than 200 years. Prix fixe menus are available. A must-see for the visitor to the city. Business dressy attire.
Restaurant Lunch Daily noon-3pm; Dinner Daily 6pm-11pm; Bistro Daily 11am-midnight This popular Indian restaurant in the heart of the Falkenstrasse is a great choice for traditional Indian treats. Try the chicken or vegetable dishes or opt for a fresh seafood dish. Portions are generous, and the accompanying drink selections make a great supplement to the menu. Good service and ambience abounds. Business casual attire
Bombay-Tandoori This is a traditionally cozy casual dining spot for friends to meet or for colleagues to come and discuss the next day's plans over a pasta dish or one of their great salads. There is also a nice breakfast menu and the interior has a calming blue and cream color scheme. The large L-shaped bar is a predominant feature
Casablanca CITY CENTER. Located in the shadow of the Rathaus, Alte Glide serves up traditional German fare and some not-so-traditional dishes like cordon bleu and Hawaiian salad. The interior has an interesting vaulted ceiling that creates a medieval feel. The extensive menu features chicken, turkey, pork, and beef entrées. It is also conveniently located near major historic sights and shopping areas in the Altstadt. Business casual attire. Das Ende
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