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Digital Natives

No description

Katie Ackerman

on 20 September 2010

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Transcript of Digital Natives

www was created in 1991 Do you remember this? or Do you know what you are? Which is more familiar? What is a digital native? Annoying Commendable If you chose either of the first two answers, you are a digital immigrant Understanding the Digital Native Feelings on Digital Natives casual client e-mails don't know how to put together a printed letter addicted to text messaging creative can work faster ability to multitask born after 1980 skilled in social digital technologies grew up with the World Wide Web have been on social networks since 2000 have not known anything but a "connected" life have skills to manage identities reasonably possibility of greater personal development Effects of Living Connected Identity Natives don't distinguish between "online" and "offline" identities more control over identity different modes of expression more experimentation and reinvention Do you know what you are? Or is this more your style? Did you have one of these? Are you more familiar with... or
If you chose the enormous 1980's cell phone or the typewriter than consider yourself a digital immigrant Who are the digital natives? the world wide web was created in 1991 blogs, wikis, social media profiles online socializing is just a continuation of their "real" lives constantly changing likes and dislikes and what they are interested in with the click of a button can control who has access to their personal profiles Annoyed Impressed have access to networked digital technologies Do you get us now?
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