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CAST 2012 Ready, Set, Flip Science

Flipping a Science Class

Kathryn Lanier

on 6 January 2015

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Transcript of CAST 2012 Ready, Set, Flip Science

Ideas to help you dive into the flipped classroom
Ready, Set, Flip
Your Science

What change would you like to see in your classroom environment?

Before you take the leap, what is

Define your flipped classroom.
Why are you changing?
What are your expectations?
Communicate your vision
Direct communication
Continuous communication
Find a partner at your school to share the work.
Collaborate with others
Look outside your district for answers and ideas.
Twitter #flipclass
Divide by job, timing or talent.
Share challenges and triumphs.
Website for assignments
Emails and phone calls to and from home
In-class conversations
Student surveys
Naturally differentiated
Student paced
Where each student's needs are met in a timely fashion
More interactions with each student every day
Easier to make up when missed
More fun and engaging
A flipped class
Be consistent and confident
Don't expect perfection
Students like familiar voices on the videos
Expect resistance from students and parents

Remember change is hard
A few hints before you dive in...
What would you like to know about the flipped classroom?
Write your question on the card.
Pass the card to the right.
If you can answer the question you receive, keep the card. If not, pass it on.
I'll take the "unanswerable" cards.
Discuss the "answerable" cards with your group

Katie Lanier
Physics Teacher
Allen High School, Allen Tx
Choose the lesson to flip
Small change = big gain
The flipped classroom
Jason Baughman and Katie Lanier
What is a flipped classroom
Why flip your class
How to start your flipped classroom
Video assessment question
Students will watch the videos
Find supportive, positive colleagues to help you get over the bumps.
Newsletters for parents
Go ahead... dive in...
have fun!
Collect data
throughout the year
Be positive
Time to interact with the students
Diagnose misunderstandings
Explain and help when needed
Student paced
Classwork stays in class
apply knowledge
check understanding
TAKS/EOC review
What does my class really look like?
Your own or another persons
Check level and curriculum alignment
Students like familiar voices
Videos will not be perfect
Use consistent naming
Google form used for assessment
Students complete the note sheet
While you are planning, consider...
What is ideal?
What is acceptable?
What is unacceptable?
Adapt your lesson to video format
Give learning aids to students
Decide how to evaluate learning
Apply the knowledge in class
How do you flip?
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