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NatCo 2012 Session, AIESEC in Armenia

Arman Khachatryan

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of AIESEC 2015

WHY HOW WHAT WHY does AIESEC exist? To empower young people to
Peace and Fulfillment of Humankind's Potential HOW do we deliver our unique selling points? Value-based platform Accessible to a high volume of young people Exploration and development of leadership potential Experiential learning, cross-cultural understanding and creating positive impact. WHAT does AIESEC provide? TMP TLP GCDP GIP B H A G i
g a
y u
s o
l The BHAG points a motivational direction that pushes us closer to our vision. Benefits? AIESEC in Armenia goals for AIESEC 2015 from natco 2011 External and Internal Visibility
High Quality of AIESEC Experience
Expansion and Cooperation With National Institutions Raising our visibility both
in Armenia (corporate
sector, youth, society)

and in the AIESEC
Global Network Improving the quality of AIESEC Experience
we offer in Armenia.
Providing diverse international XP. Reaching a wider target group, engaging more youth and impacting more people in Armenia. DISCUSSION How to raise our visibility among the Armenian society so that it knows about AIESEC, knows it as global youth voice?
How to raise out visibility among the Armenian corporate sector as a reliable and sustainable organisation, so we become a first-choice partner for them?
How to use our products, our potential in a better performance so that we make a bigger impact, which would reach a bigger audience? Making connections with Ministries our work is related with.
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