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Orcas in Puget Sound

No description

Aevyn Koczera

on 22 March 2016

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Transcript of Orcas in Puget Sound

Orcas in Puget Sound
Orcinus Orca
Where Do Orcas Live?
Puget Sound
What Do Orcas Look Like?
How Big are Orcas?
Females can weigh up to 6-7 tons
Females can grow to be 19-28 feet long
Males can weigh up to 6-10 tons
Males can grow to be 19-32 feet long
What is the Environment Where Orcas Live Like?
Orcas live in oceans, bays,
and sounds. They usally
live in cold coastal waters.

What is the Reproduction like for Orcas?
Pregnant for 13-17 months
Reproduces every 3-10 years
Orca moms are very protective of their young
Orcas stop feeding their young after 1-2 years
What do Resident Orcas in Puget Sound Eat?
Mostly Chinook
What do Transient Orcas in Puget Sound Eat?
Harbor Seals
Harbor Porpoises
Dalls Porpoise
Northern Elephant seals
Sea Lions
Harbor Seal
Harbor Porpoise
Chinook Salmon
What do Offshore Orcas in Puget Sound Eat?
Orca eating fish
Do Orcas Have any Predators?
The sounds of boats are bad for orcas!
This is Tilikum, the drooping dorsal fin is NOT good!
This makes them look bad, then people have the wrong image of or in their head!
This man killed the Orca! Why? For no reason!
Do Humans Have Anything to do with Orcas Being Endangered?
How Many Orcas are Left in Puget Sound?
Baby Orca!
How Have Puget Sound
Orcas Become Endangered?
Boat Noise
Chinook Salmon Decline

There are only around 83-80
orcas in Puget Sound!
What can we do to Help?
Just be aware that some animals are endangered!
When did Orcas come onto the Endangered Species List?
February 16 2006
Can you tell me Some Interesting Facts About Killer Whales?
Tilikum's History
Tilikum was taken away from his family on the November of 1983
He was held in a zoo in Iceland
Was taken to Sealand in Canada
Stayed in a tiny little tank
Killed a trainer in 1991
Moved to SeaWorld
Stressed out in the small tank that is not big enough
In 1999 killed someone else
2010 killed his trainer
In a tiny tank for a year as punishment

As soon as Orcas are born they can swim and dive
Sources for Pictures
Some sources were not available
Orcas teeth are about 4 inches long!
An adult orca consumes about 100-300 pounds of food a day
An average of 5 calves live through their first summer. Wich is kinda sad!
Orca whales are dolphins in the group Delphinidae!
By Aevyn Koczera
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