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Hydrothermal Vent Food Web

Just the basics I could find that make up a hydrothermal food web.

Suguey Chavez

on 12 February 2016

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Transcript of Hydrothermal Vent Food Web

Vent Shrimp
Vent Amphipod
Vent Clam
Vent Zooplankton
Pompeii Worm
Galatheid Crab
Riftia Worm
Vent Mussel
Dandelion Siphonophores
Tube-Dwelling Anemones
Zoarcid Fish
Blind Crabs

Vent Octopus
Vent Ratfish
Vent Bacteria
Symbiotic Bacteria
plants, bacteria, etc. that make up the beginning of the web

Primary Consumers:
also know as the herbivores such as vent shrimp, vent clam, etc.

Secondary Consumers:
also known as the carnivores such as crabs & fish

Tertiary Consumers:
also known as the top carnivores such as the octopus
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