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Sociology of Science

Sarah Schulz & Louisa Munro

Louisa Munro

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Sociology of Science

Sociological Trends Sociology of Science Science emerged in part due to hospitable social conditions. What do current sociological trends in the U.S. suggest about the future of science in that country? Louisa Munro & Sarah Schulz religion cultural assimilation political trends education system All Together Now US pushes education only through public education Curriculum Finances Labeling Students "Never let schooling interfere with your education" -Mark Twain Federal Mandates Standardized Testing 4 years of English 4 years of mathematics 4 years of science 3 years of social studeis 2 years of world language 1 year of visual, applied, or performing arts 1/2 year of physical education Creates a general student Dampens creativity Limits specialized courses Flaws in the Facets American Philosophy Ethical Desicions Research has political adgendas political biases Classic Dillema Pressure on normal science Melting-pot mentality dissolving Regular Education Student - $6,556 Special Education Student - $12,474 Federal Funding in 2000 Let's take a closer look Special Education Grants testing catagorizes students measuring potential self-fulfilling prophecy Placing it in perspective Take an IQ test Food for thought CHINA GERMANY JUDAISM Marilyn vos Savant has the highest IQ ever recorded Summing It Up termination
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