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Methods of Control at Each Stage of The MosQuito Life Cycle

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Liew Jackie

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Methods of Control at Each Stage of The MosQuito Life Cycle

Methods of Control At Each Stage of The Mouito Life Cycle Remove stagnant water where
mosquitos can breed. Egg Larvicides should be used.They can be:
Chemical: Sand granular insectiside
Biological: BTI
Oil: Anti-malarial oil sprayed in drains Larva Oil kills the mosquito pupa Pupa Adulticides(mosquito kill chemicals)
and traps kill the adult Mosquitos Adult Adulticides Commonly used on large areas and can be spread by Thermal fogging and Misting Attracts the mosquitoes with
lures like carbon dioxide,UV light,heat
or octenol (a chemical which
resembles human sweat) and
then kills them Traps
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