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The Science fiction genre

No description

Fergie Ferg

on 18 April 2016

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Transcript of The Science fiction genre

The Science fiction genre
Genre /sub-genres/ hybrid genres
Pick one of these terms and define it on your whiteboard.
Typical themes of science-fiction
Pushing the boundaries of science
The relationship between man and technology
"what if"
A way to explore contemporary issues
Genre is useful to audiences and institutions
Practice your pitch!
If you are asked to invent a science fiction idea for your exam, you will need to SELL it. As well as explaining your idea, you need to say WHY you think audiences will watch it.
Codes and conventions are things that are repeated across the genre. They can be technical codes, symbolic codes or narrative elements. They help to tell the audience about the film and inform them of what to expect.

Hybrid genres can be popular because they take familiar elements of different genres and put them together to create something new.

Genres go in and out of fashion.

What genres are popular right now?
Narrative codes and conventions
Institutions can exploit if a genre is popular.

They can uses genre codes and conventions to make a successful genre film.
Recapping what we have learnt so far.....
Apocalyptic (the end of the world)
Post apocalyptic
Near future
First contact (humans discovering/interacting with Aliens)
Alternate reality
Technology as a threat
Time Travel
Pick a sub-genre and try to think of an example
Post apocalyptic
The world after a major lfe altering disaster.

In Mad Max: Fury Road, a drought has left the world without water. Society has broken down into lawlessness and chaos.
Codes and conventions
Watch this trailer for Sunshine (2007), and look for technical codes that you could say are science fiction codes and conventions.
Technical codes:
Camera shots
CGI to help build the world for the audience
An extreme close up of an eye is a common shot in sci-fi films because eyes can have connotations of discovery and knowledge.
Opening shot of "Lost"
Cover of "The host"
Low key lighting
To show the darkness in the dystopian storyline
Watch this trailer for Star Trek: Into Darkness (2013) and look for symbolic codes that could be considered codes and conventions of the science fiction genre.
Symbolic codes:
List your ideas in your book
Can you think of another example of a post apocalyptic film?
What narrative ideas and themes do you think are typical of the sci-fi genre?
Binary oppositions?
Remember - iconography is a key symbol of a genre.
Jurassic Park
Star Trek
District 9
On your whiteboard, draw a piece of iconography for......
Science fiction
Audiences recognise genre conventions and it can help to inform if they want to see the film.

Audiences can enjoy seeing genre conventions being subverted
Think about your science fiction idea:
Can you prepare a 1 minute pitch that sells it in a positive way?
Be clear!
Be direct!
How to pitch
is a new, exciting
film set in____________. Our hero is ___________________________________.

The narrative will explore themes of ______________.

The story begins with.....

Try to end on a cliffhanger or a question!

Will they survive?
Will they succeed?
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