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George Herbert Mead: The Social Self

No description

Chris Stevenson

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of George Herbert Mead: The Social Self

George Herbert Mead: The Social Self
The Looking-Glass Self
Others represent a mirror in which we see ourselves.

We see ourselves as others see us. Ex: clever, funny, smart, etc...
The I and the Me
By taking the role of others, we become self-aware.
Development of Self
The key to developing self is learning to take the role of others.

i.e. baby mimicking adult
i.e. child pretending to be parent
i.e. kid playing "catch"
i.e. child playing baseball
The Self
the part of an individual's personality composed of self-awareness and self image.
The self develops only with social experience
The Self
Social experience is the exchange of symbols (ex: words, waves, smiles, etc...)
We attach meaning to symbols. Dogs do not. Ex: Umbrella vs. Raincoat.
The Self
Understanding intention requires imagining the situation from the other's point of view
We can anticipate how others will act
Active side of self.

We initiate an action.
Objective side of the self.

We continue an action based on how others respond to us.
Generalized Other
widespread cultural norms and values we use as a reference in evaluating ourselves
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