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Got the facts on milk?

Brandon class - cognitive dissonance

Seok Hyeon Ryu

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Got the facts on milk?

Did you know that... Why do people have cognitive dissonance? Cognition : Milk is good for bone, heart disease, skin, muscle, and contain many calciums and proteins How does milk affect environment? 2,500,000,000 cows in the world I MILK What do we know about MILK? WHY? COZ...
It helps me grow tall
and has a lot of calcium! eczema breast cancer colon cancer prostate cancer arthritis osteoporosis asthma acne researchs have linked milk with... Dissonance : Milk cause arthritis, breast cancer, asthma, acne, eczema, osteoporosis, colon cancer, prostate cancer. V S Dairy industry spend a lot of money for behind-the-scenes negotiation.
Budget of milk marketing : $ 175 million
Income of diary industry : $ 60 billion From 1988 to 1993, over 2,700 articles dealing with milk...
Shockingly, none of the researchers spoke of milk as a excellent food! 100 million tones
of methane (CH4) = 100,000,000,000 kg = more green-house gases than
sum of cars, trucks, airplanes, trains. > 23 times more harmful than
carbon dioxide (CO2) 70% of the amazon forests are cut down
and being used for pasture land and grow crops to feed them... livestock industry is the main culprit of deforestation Now, do you know the truth? Then, we highly recommend you guys to quit all dairy products! How does milk
affect our health? Lactose
intolerance Calcium 1,000 0 (mg/100g) 500 Milk - 110 Tofu - 126 Dried Laver - 325 Dried Sea Mustard - 959 Dried Radish Greens - 335 Pumpkin Leaf - 180 Radish Leaves- 249 Young Radish - 120 Shepherd's Purse - 145 Almond - 266 Mugwort - 230 Taro Stem - 1,050 The more you drink milk,
the more your bone fractured...! Because...

Animal protein - Acid VS Calcium - Alkaline

Therefore, when we eat dairy products (which has more animal protein than calcium),
calcium in our bones leaks out to neutralize our blood! And as a consequence...

Calcium will be excreted as the form of urine
If this continues, you will have kidney stone... Obesity & Heart disease America consumes dairy products most
= America obesity rates lead the world Cholesterol & Saturated Fats
= Hormones Dairy Farms
declined 55% Cows per
Dairy Farms
increased 94% What does this mean? To make even,
Farmers inject steroid and rBGH to cows rGBH : increase milk production by 10%
recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone rGBH and Steroid make cows sick inject antibiotics People drink the residue
of antibiotics ex) clinical mastitis also, milks have growth hormone
but you no longer need growth hormone when you're mature

useless growth hormone = potential cancer cells 8/10 of Asians are ‘Lactose intolerant’ = lack of digestive enzymes for milk (75% in the world) If you aren't, then you're a mutant Lactose (sugars in milk) = Glucose + Galactose Baby lactase (enzyme) lactose D-Galactose D-Glucose Babies have enzyme called 'lactase' to absorb lactose Adult lactose D-Galactose D-Glucose Adults don't have lactase to absorb lactose
This is the signal that it's time for us to be weaned! but if you ignore this signal and keep drinking milk,
lactose will pass through small intestine (where it should be digested by enzyme)
and produces gas and cramps in large intestine
In other words, you will become a master of chaisai Did you know that
this is made by
dairy industry? Basically, milk is by-product of cow's blood
therefore, milk contains cow's white blood cells (=pus cells) helpful for calves' immune system
doesn't really help our immune system
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