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Viviana Romero

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of cremas

Double click anywhere & add an idea Slimming Cream is the safest way to recover a smooth, firm and wear a beautiful silhouette without cellulite because, by thinning plants, acts on the factors that decide the appearance and the return of cellulite Products Seawead
Slimming cream
Slimming cream with sunscreen Slimming with sun blocker visit us at our web www.slimceam.com page, and you can see all the products you want to view and purchase forms.
www.slimcream.com How can you buy it? Cross selling Up selling Price: $150
Promotion:Basically we focus our advertising on television and internet. We have an option on our feedback page, open a space for the public opinion to resolve the doubts
Plaza:We have excellent quality certified suppliers, which we do get the product, according to our orders, and likewise.
Prodcut: Assets that contain anti-cellulite creams act by promoting the microcirculation along the drainage of fluids and toxins

Steps 1. Enter the product page 2. Look at the product catolog 3. Choose the product that interests you 4. Visit the iShop 5. Payment methods 6. Shipping options 7. Product arrives
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