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New France Technology

No description

Logan Carney

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of New France Technology




Industrial Technology
Industries were brewing , fishing, tanning and shoe making and almost everything was done by hand; except for ships, they actually had cranes (It was mainly lots of pulleys). fishermen came from Normandy, Brittany and Basque Country. They fished cod and whale. Plows were made of wood and iron.
windmill grounded habitants' grain
Transportation Technology
on water they needed to live near a river or a lake and used canoes, bigger boats or rafts with sails in the summer.
in winter, they used frozen rivers.
french traders called voyageurs used canoes, made of birchbark to travel thousands of kms.
Agricultural Technology
Many people in New France farmed. They used plows to prepare land for farming, schythes to cut certain crops, clay ovens to bake their bread and used mills to grind grain wheat to flour.
Militaristic Technology
The Navy was sea troops that between 16-60 in ages. The goal was to capture the British and did that for a 100 years. Cannons were used to destroy ships and guns to eliminate enemys. Their ships were very poor and many died from scurvy. To get from France to New France they used sails with the wind.
Military: The New France Military was formed in 1622.
Colonies had Militas in case of a attack. New France had
got most troops from Spain that were trained, clothing
and weapons. Their area for fighting was in the woods and
mostly fight the Iroquois.

Military Technology
Military: The French Military has over 100,000,OO0 people. The military uses air planes for air attacks and Tanks has replaced Calvary. There usually use to help or fight a country. They fight for their country and protect people. Military people
are trained to use guns and and make bombs. Today they are not needed much.
Navy: The Navy has over 37k. They usually destroy enemy
ships or help find something. Submarines are used now to
attack ships with some technology including radar and
torpedo's. The people get trained and wear the blue Navy
colour. Recently they help find MH370.

Agricultural Technology
Now for our Agriculture, it's easier to farm. We can use tractors, special mechanisms to plant seeds and water crops and conveyor belts to sort things like potatoes. We also use ovens and stoves and possibly special bread
bakers to make our bread.
Industrial Technology
By Angelo, Chad, Logan and Martin
Almost everything today is made on the
assembly line aided by machines. Fishermen are
local but sometimes fishermen from other countries like France, Germany, UK, Spain and the Netherlands. They fish salmon, lobster and crab. Ships were built mainly by crane, machine and hand. Plows are often made out of steel.

today transportation is really advanced compaired to back in the 1600 we now have cars,buses,planes,trains,motor boats and everything else modern
Transportation Technology
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