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Metals of Energy industries

No description

Damian Trujillo Zurita

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Metals of Energy industries

Metals of Energy industries
Nuclear Energy
In the nuclear energy there are many metals that are very dangerous, for example the Beryllium
Wind energy
Solar energy
The frame of the solar panels are made up of aluminium and the interior there are a lot of cables that are made up of silver and copper. The solar panel thermal and the solar panel photovoltaic is made up of the same metals.
Oil pipiline
Oil pipiline is made up of iron and steel
Thi is the mineral
This is a part of a nuclear reactor is made up of beryllium
Other part of nuclear reactor
The aerogenerators
are made up of steel
Neodymiun magnets
The neodymium
is an alloy of
iron and boron
Geothermal turbine
The geothermal turbine is made up of
Wave energy
Oil bearing energy
This structures that get energy from the waves are made up of iron
The drill of the oil bearing is made up of iron and steel
Geothermal generator
The geothermal generator
is made up of iron
Motor stirling
The motor stirling is made up of steel and the cables are made up of cooper
Electric energy
The pylons are made up of steel
waterproof, stiff, hard,tough,heavy
opaque,heat conductor,maleable
waterproof,stiff,hard,tough,heavy opaque,ductiles,maleable,electrical conductor
opaque,ductiles,maleable,electrical conductor
opaque,electrical insulator

Hidraulic turbine
The hidraulic
turbine is made up of steel.
Central oil bearing
Is made up of iron
Manufacturin process
This is the neodymium mineral
And the metal
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