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The War of the worlds

No description

Laura Cody

on 11 March 2015

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Transcript of The War of the worlds

Soon, squid-like creatures crawl out and they start building something out of metal parts in the object. A day later, a giant machine is in the crater.
The next day, the machines attack a city with a heat ray. The army unsuccessfully tries to stop the machines.
Soon, Earth is in ruins but then all of sudden the aliens die! They were not able to survive a virus that they caught when they landed on Earth. Then the Narrator returns to his wife.
The War of the Worlds
retold from the H.G. Wells

On Mars, giant clouds of dust are seen rising. Later, large objects are detected speeding to Earth.
The following week, a large metal object is found in a crater. Strange sounds can be heard from inside the object. The narrator goes to see the object for
Prezi by Leif
Main Character:
Narrator's wife, and
Artillery man,
The aliens start attacking London which is where the narrator has fled. There, he meets up with his brother. His brother leaves London by sea and is almost killed by aliens. A warship, the Thunder Child, destroys two alien fighters and saves his brother.
The narrator meets an artillery man who fought a alien war machine. They are almost killed by one when it saw them. The artillery man leaves the narrator in an alien attack.
Narrator's brother.
Other Characters:
Great read
A classic-Dad
A good Sci-Fi read
Sooo Awesome-Leif

I would recommend this book to grades 4 to 8.

I would give this book 10 stars.
Science Fiction novel
The End
When the Martians attack the city, the Narrator is cut off from his wife. Dangerous alien ships are landing, isolating her on the other side of the city.
Thank you.
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