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Benjamin Franklin

No description

robert tayborn

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin
face on a one hundred dollar bill
benjamin franklin invented the kite
Father name is Josiah Franklin
Attended Boston Latin school from 1714 to 1716
First wife was Anne Child ,second wife was Abiah Folger
1. He was the tenth child in his family
Moved to London and represented the interests of Pennsylvania, Georgia, New Jersey and Massachusetts before Parliament from 1757 to 1775
Died April 17, 1790, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Buried at Christ Church Burial Ground, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Signed Declaration of Independence in 1776
Moved o Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1724

Bought the Pennsylvania Gazette in 1729

Began publishing Poor Richard's Almanac in 1733

Helped launch the American Philosophical Society in 1743

Conducted experiments and verified the nature of electricity during the 1750s

Credited with inventing the Franklin Stove, bifocal glasses and the lightning rod

Was instrumental in establishing a library, hospital, fire company and an insurance company in the City of Philadelphia
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