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Physical Fitness

No description

Hannah Jeske

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Physical Fitness

Physical Fitness Stance: I think that it is important that people are active on a daily basis because in the end I believe it will lead to a healthier and happier lifestyle. Opposition:
1. Some people have happy lives without doing phyical activity.
2. Too much physical activity could lead to injuries, menstrual abnormalties, and bone weakening.
3. Some people are to old to be active daily. Support for my stance:
1. Pysical activity can help prevent sudden injuries.
2. Being active allows you to feel better about yourself.
3. If an emergency occurs, a physically fit person won't have a problem running to the rescue.
4. Being active prevents diseases in the long run.
5. Motivation from your peers can encourage you to be active.
6. Obesity can be prevented by walking, swimming, biking, lifting, and much more.
7. Being physically fit allows you to stay away from disease such as diabetes, lung problems, heart disease, and more.
8. Eating healthy along with exercising will help with living a happy lifestyle.
9. Starting being active young will increase the chance of remaining active throughout your life.
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