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National Board Certification

An overview of what this course will cover.

Linda Voelzel

on 18 February 2011

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Transcript of National Board Certification

pixel Assessment Center: Why would anyone want to do this? It is very powerful professional learning. to improve
performance it is documentation
and recognition of
Accomplished Teaching There is district
compensation there is district
compensation advances your career
without leaving
the classroom It strengthens
your practice. National Board
Certification What do I have to do? Portfolio 4 Entries 3 classroom based a standards-based approach
for documenting teaching practice
which impacts student learning
through effective instruction a classroom-based
professional development one classroom-based entry with accompanying student work two classroom-based entries that require video recordings of interactions between you and your students one entry that provides evidence of your accomplishments outside of the classroom and how that work impacts student learning Entry 1
Designing Instruction over Time Enty 2
Building Communitve and
Cultural Competence Entry 3
Engaging all Learners Entry 4
Documented Accomplishments Exercise 1
Oral Proficiency Exercise 2
Interpreting Aural Texts Exercise 3
Interpreting Written Texts Exercise 4
Writtten Communication Exercise 5
Knowledge of Language Acquitition Exercise 6:
Knowledge of How Language Works
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