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Steve Jobs

No description

Vanilla Cupcake

on 17 December 2014

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Transcript of Steve Jobs

Jobs met Laurene Powell at Stanford
They married on March 18, 1991
They have three children
Steve Jobs
The early years
Reason I studied him
I chose to study Steve Jobs because he is one of the more influential people in my life because he helped me be more purposly creative, for example, my interests are in computer science and engineering.
Steven Paul Jobs was born on February 24 1955 to Joanne Schieble and Abdul Fattah Jandali and was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs, when he was a week old
He had a sister Patti who is three years younger

Education & Where he lived
Monta Loma Elementary School
Cupertino Junior High School
Homestead High School
Reed College

When he was 5, he moved to Moutain View in California, which is in an area nicknamed "Silicon Valley" (the computer capital of the world)

Important People in Steve's life
Paul Jobs
John Sculley
Bill Gates
Mike Markkula
Steve Wozniak
He met Jobs in 1971
They became best friends
Co-founder of Apple
Steve's father
He used to take electronics apart with his son
Hired by Apple in 1983 to stop the company from failing
Fired Steve Jobs in 1985
He was Steve's arch-rival
Founded Microsoft
He was also Steve's friend
Apple's first investor
Invested $ 90 000
Creating Apple
Creating the Apple I
Creating the Mac
Creating the iMac
Creating the iPod
Creating iTunes
Creating the iPhone
Creating the iPad
Investing in Pixar
Creating NeXT
Coming back to Apple
He changed the world
Steve Jobs
was famous for being the co-founder and CEO of Apple. He was also the main inventor of many Apple products.
He was also well known for...
The iPod was released in 2001
It could store up to 1000 songs
By 2006 Apple sold 41 million iPods
He was born on February 24 1955
He was adopted on March 1 1955
His mother, Clara was an accountant, and his father, Paul was a Coast Guard veteran and machinist.
Going to College
He went to Reed College in 1972
He did not graduate, he left to design and develop computers
Creating Apple
Steve and Woz created the Apple company on April 1 1976
They also produced their first product, the Apple I computer
Creating the Apple II
Apple released the Apple II in April 1977, the first personal computer in a plastic case with colour graphics.
Creating the Mac
The Mac was released on January 24 1984
Creating the iPod
The iPhone
The first iPhone was released in 2007
Steve Jobs died on October 5th 2011 from respiratory arrest
Apple III
Apple Lisa
Apple Bandai Pippin
Newton Message Pad
Mac Portable
20th Anniversary Mac
The End
Diary Entry
Dear Diary
Today I rehearsed my iMac presentation when the time came that they came spinning out and sliding, it happened to late and the lights were too dim. Finally, after 37 tries, the crew got it right."That's it" I exclaimed "That's perfect." I also heard going "Phew. I'm now relieved that they finally got it right.
He met Steve Wozniak in the summer of 1971
They would later create Apple together
Meeting Woz
Apple starts selling stock
Apple started selling stocks to the public in December 1980
Apple raises millions of dollars to help the company grow
In February 1986 he starts a new company to compete with Apple and Microsoft
NeXT Inc. is bought by Apple 10 years later
Jobs starts Pixar
In 1986, Steve buys a computer graphics company called Lucasfilm, later he and another person from Lucasfilm co-founded a company called Pixar
Popular Pixar films include
Toy Story 1, 2, 3 and 4
Finding Nemo
Monsters Inc. and Monsters U
Cars 1 and 2
Ed Catmull
Co-founded Pixar
The company made hundreds of millions of dollars
The company changed the way animated films are made
Steve fired from Apple
In 1985 Steve was fired from Apple
He spends the next eleven years working on two new companies he co-founds, they are, NeXT Inc. and Pixar
Jobs back with Apple
Apple buys NeXT for $ 400 million in 1996 and Steve returns to the company
After losing over $ 1.5 billion Apple hires Jobs to become the CEO in 1997
iMac released
The iMac was released in 1998 and was Apple's first computer in six years
Because of the iMac, Apple makes its first profit in three years
iTunes was released in 2003
It had a library of 200000 songs at $0.99 a download
iTunes changed the way people buy and listen to music and movies
iTunes had more than 2 million downloads in 2003
Jobs founds NeXT Inc.
Jobs is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2003
Pixar sold
The Walt Disney Company buys Pixar for $7.4-billion in 2006
iTunes is #1
In 2008 iTunes Store passes Wal-Mart to become America's #1 music retailer
More than 5 billion songs sold on iTunes
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