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All About me


Paula Palacios

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of All About me

I like light colors,but the most color I like is blue.:) Filipino My Favorite Subjects My Hero :) MAPEH T.L.E SCIENCE F.R.I.E.N.D.S MISSY TIN MAI KARINA KIMBERLY My Favorite Color DIANNE SHEN Gillyn THE PEOPLE THAT I ADMIRED MOST ARE MY PARENTS BECAUSE THEY ALWAYS THERE SINCE WHEN I'M STILL YOUNG. Top 5 favorite Television show It's All About me Paula Palacios Top 5 favorite singers/bands When I graduate from highschool,I plan to... On my dream vacation,I would like to go... In 15 years,I will be... Dave My immediate Family are...... Hilarion Palacios Were not close but I still owe him for being a responsible father. Yolanda Palacios She's a great mom.She works hard for us to go to school. I Love her very much :)) Piolo Palacios Honestly,we always fight.But I still love him :) I plan to to go college,I will study hard so that I can be a successful person someday :D KWENG Top 5 favorite movie Favorite cars Vintage car :) I would like to go to PARIS! :)) I will have my own dream house where we will live with my family :))
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