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Homework, Homework, Homework

No description

Grace H

on 5 August 2013

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Transcript of Homework, Homework, Homework

Homework, Homework, Homework
As high school students, we all have an individual opinion about homework. This survey will take a look inside the minds of students to see their opinions of their homework assignments.

Big Question: How do students feel about homework?
The Results
Question 1:
I understand the material I've been given.
Presentation created by:
Grace Holt
Tatyana Calderon
Kavindi Karunaratne
Analyzing results
Most of the students answered positively to most of our questions. Especially questions 3,5,6,7 and 9 which were related to the time that they spend doing homework. The outcome suggests that students do feel that they are assigned an unnecessary amount of homework. Also majority agrees that homework is not an important part of learning. So it can be concluded that students who would do their homework on time might be compelled to do it because they are concerned about their grades.
What students are saying about homework
Question 3:
I spend too much time doing homework
We handed out surveys like this one to 25 people and asked them to fill it out truthfully.

These are the results we got back.
Grace's Hypothesis
Tatyana's Hypothesis
Kavindi's Hypothesis
So what does this mean?
Question 2:
I complete my homework on time
Question 4:
Teachers assign homework that is relevant to the classwork.
Question 5:
I feel swamped with homework after school
Question 6:
Teachers are unfair about homework deadlines
Question 7:
I learn a lot from my homework
Question 8:
Students should be given the chance to change the homework deadlines based on the complexity of the project.
Question 9:
Homework is a very important part of your learning
Question 10 :
My homework is challenging but it can be done
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