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GRS - Sales Internship Program

No description

GRS Recruiting

on 28 August 2014

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Transcript of GRS - Sales Internship Program

Sales Internship Program
Additional Tasks
Adding Companies to the Database
Meeting with PC's and TL's to help expand their databases
Searching for new candidates on LinkedIn
Time on the Telephone
Hiring Manager Name Gather's
Fixing Bad E-Mails
Name Gather's for Specific Projects
Cleansing the Database
Goals: You and the Company
Name Gathering: 80 names/day
Phone Time: 200 calls/day
Companies Added: 100 companies/day
Having a name gathered result in a SO, Placement or New Contact for a JO
Having a company gathered result in a JO
During the second and fourth week of your internship, you will be mentored by each team leader, each week:
Intern Bonus Program
Contests between Interns
As time progresses, incentives will also be given based on results
Special Projects
Expanding our industries
Assisting us in marketing projects for a specific industry
Performing a Brand Analysis Case Study
Assisting in coming up with creative ways to market the GRS Brand
Overview of the Internship
Time on the Telephone
Additional Tasks
Special Projects
Our Goals for You and the Company
Out of Office Activities
Out of Office Activities
Happy Hours with Co-Workers
Lunch with Mentors
Kick-It Event
Summer Cookout/Clam Bake
Recent GRS Trip to Peek N' Peak
The GRS Logo on the Indians Scoreboard
during last Summer's Kick-It Event
GRS's Recent Attendance at "A Night at the Races" Sponsored by the Ronald McDonald House
As part of this process, you will be shown your results and how they impact certain projects and GRS as a whole.
As a whole, we are consistently focused on how we can add more new people/companies to the database. This fulfills our goals in marketing to new and existing clients and filling our searches. Your efforts assist in Telephone Interviews, SO, JO and Placements.
Week 2: Team Leader
Week 4: Project Coordinator
During each week, the Team Leader or Project Coordinator will periodically pull you in on various telephone and conference calls.
In addition to this, there will be a Weekly Meeting with Mike and Laura to discuss any issues during Week 1 and Week 3.
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