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Place. A Short Introduction. By T. Cresswell

Methodological Seminar

Luis A Velasco R

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Place. A Short Introduction. By T. Cresswell

A Short Introduction Tim Cresswell Creating places In Place/Out-of-Place: Anachorism Sexuality
out-of-place Regions and nations as places Place and memory A nice place to live Creating place in a
mobile world Author Working with place The book An overview Tim Cresswell *human geographer*

Department of Geography
Royal Holloway. University of London (2006)

Former Lecturer. University of Wales
PhD. University of Wisconsin-Madison (1992)
Under the supervision of Yi-Fu Tuan

Geographies of mobility
Airports, ballroom dance, walking
Author of 4 books
In Place/Out of Place (1996)
Notions of place and practices of resistance Published in 2004
Part of the series: Short Introduction to Geography
Key concepts: Maps, Territory, GIS

Intended for students
Clear pedagogy: marrying theory to an array of images from popular culture and everyday life

Place and politics
"Critique of the emphasis on the mobile and the hybrid in contemporary theory" (83) History-in-place Gentrification Territory
Material unit
Homeland Heterosexual
How the concept has been mobilized in research?
1. Creating meaning in place
2. Moral geographies: "out of place" "Places are never finished but produced through the reiteration of practices - the repetition of seemingly mundane activities on a daily basis" (82) Place Non-place Subject location: thinking about and with place.

Marrying theory and practice

Production of place as process The end of place?... Flexible Capitalism Mhay's room as a migrant worker:

Place does matter Pacífico Colombiano Biogeográfico Top-down globalization that flattens out differences Non place-based strategies from State, Capital, Technoscience Subaltern strategies of localization Place-based identities attached to territory culture and ecology Strategic role of place in a world of hipermobility Global networks centered on the importance of particularity Large scale projection of place onto capital and modernity Renewed focus on place Yi-Fu Tuan Chinese-american humanistic geographer Space and Place: The Perspective of Experience (1977) Space Place B Place A Hegemonic Interdependence Inside/Outside
List of "Place Resources" 125-136

Not a single mention of non anglophone scholars besides a couple of mentions of foreigners moved to the United States

Blindness of social production of knowledge: the title lacks specificity.

Excessive use of the out of place notion Nation
Cultural unit
Imagined Community State
Political unit
Administrative entity Place Non Heterosexual In
Place Out
Place Low prostitutes Closet Home Decency normativity High prostitutes Contested places and attitudes Distance concealment T Z Work
Home México Palestine Catalunya The people without place Territorialized identities HOME Homeless Refugees Displacement Mobility Pathologies Belonging Sedentarist metaphysics Movement "Geography: the study of place" Place Practice Meaning The everyday use of the word place to trace moral geographies

"To put in its place"
"To know its own place"
"Everything in its place"
Dirt: "Matter out of place" (Douglas, 1996) Exclusion processes of that "plethora of Others" (104) has a clear spatial scale Vagabonds Critical Remarks Taken-for-granted Reproduction of memory Tenement museum Tourism + Time Gap? - Migration routes/routines
- Marginalization (Favelas)
How disgusting or useless? 2 immigration faces
2 memory places
2 historical narratives for
a national mythology

Auschwitz "The purchase of run-down housing at cheap prices by middle class incomers and the subsequent upgrading of the property and massive rise in property values" (93) Defined technically as... Yuppies
Hipsters Rancho Santa Margarita Neocolonialism Invention of traditions in place
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