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10. Topical analgesic creams containing amitriptyline, ketamine, baclofen, clonidine for treating neuropathic pain

creams for severe pain: effect and virtually no side effects!

jan keppel hesselink

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of 10. Topical analgesic creams containing amitriptyline, ketamine, baclofen, clonidine for treating neuropathic pain

Everyone knows that rubbing makes sense if you are in pain... but it matters not only how and were to rubb... it matters what you rubb on... red pepper cream is a good one, against pains... it contains capsaicine... but capsaicine cream burns often and not too many people like this.. therefore we
designed in our clinic
other creams on the base of
classical (off-patent) analgesics.. novel... amitriptyline is a good analgesic..
but as a pill many feel sedated, as a zombie... so we decided to put it in a cream,
a 5% and a 10% cream and we published in a medical journal: and also the 10% amitriptyline cream was effective and
the tolerability was very good! since then we compounded also
other analgesic creams... based on baclofen (2 % and 5%),
and neurontin (10%)
and ISDN/lidocaine the idea was worthwhile!
patients had less pain and no side effects! and doctors can prescribe
their patients these cremes
if the drop us a note on
info@neuropathie.nu we go for painFree! ketamine is a good analgesic
often forgotten, but proven efficacy
in CRPS in the skin many NMDA
receptors reside topical ketamine
10% and 20%
proved to be
effective and safe much evidence exists
for creme from db trials There is overwhelming anatomical and physiological data to support the use of peripheral NMDA antagonists in treatment of neuropathic pain as well as other pain states.
It is too soon to abandon this ‘‘ship”.
Commentary: Peripheral NMDA receptors revisited – Hope floats in: PAIN 146 (2009) 1–2
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