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Gears In Everyday Life

No description

Jovie wilson

on 20 April 2015

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Transcript of Gears In Everyday Life

Spur Gears
We can find spur
gears in music
boxes.They are used
to play different melodies
for you,friends,and
Bevel Gears
A water wheel is a perfect example of
a bevel gear. We use water wheels to get electricity for our telephones,laptops,lights,lamps, and even tv's.
Worm Gears
You can find worm
gears in cello
tuning nobs.
These are used to
tune cellos to make
them sound nicer.
Crown Gears
Rack and Pinion

You can find rack
and pinion gears
in a electric mixer.
We use them for
mixing foods in a
easier way.
Gears In Everyday Life
Crown gears are used in cars along with pinions to turn the axels and create motion.
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