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My Brother Sam Is Dead

No description

Jessica R

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of My Brother Sam Is Dead

My Brother Sam Is Dead Plot Diagram Social Environment personality Sam Meeker Dear diary,

I am so excited to be going to Verplanks Point with my father! We left when father thought the weather was right. It was sort of hard controlling the oxen. They were so big and loud! What got me through the trip, for the most part, was being able to finally meet my cousins. I was also happy I got out of school, but getting to meet my cousins and seeing New York was even more exciting. So everything was going nice and normal until a group of people rode up to us. It turned out they were cowboys and I was so scared. I didn't want father to get into a fight with them. They ended up hitting father on the head.This was so scary, but luckily an armed escort was coming over the hill and they helped us get to my cousin's house. That's where I'm at now! I'm in the Platt's barn with Ezekiel.Well, I better go, I have a long walk ahead of me! Diary Entry Meeker family Main Idea:
War tears families apart. When some people in your family are Tories and the others are Patriots your family could get in many arguments and disagreements. Conflict: Setting Time of Action Historical Period Economic Environment Demographic Location Season During the Revolutionary War 1775-1783 Father and Sam had a fight in the middle of the night about the Brown Bess On Sunday, Tim went to visit Sam at Tom Warrups place After lunch one weekend while Tim was chopping wood, a group of Rebels came to take father's weapons Tim lives in a Tory town Tim went shad fishing with Jerry Sanford Connecticut Verplanks Point, New York Tim went with his father to Verplanks Point They had to pay British taxes During the war, many prices went up and it was harder to get food Winter Historical Fiction Tim Meeker hard worker he does his, Sam, and father's chores works at the tavern respect he looks up to Sam views feelings personality he is confused about the rebellion he wants the war to end he thinks Sam should not fight with father wants to be braver wants Sam to be proud of him responsible obedient trustworthy mature does many chores he listens to his father keeps Sam's secrets safe he had to grow up fast Betsy Read view background personality other Patriot lives in a Patriot family her grandpa is Colonel Read stubborn bold nosy loyal she wanted to know what the letter Tim was carrying for Mr.Heron was for she is very loyal to Sam She is loyal to the Patriots she is Sam's girlfriend she is loyal to Sam She gives information about Sam to Tim once and a while she visits Sam respected views feelings educatiion appearance Tim respects him brave daring stubborn opinionated he fights in the war entered the war against his father's will he has strong opinions
speaks before thinking
shares his opinions goes to Yale In New Haven tough Patriot uniform white vest
black leggings halfway up to his knees
scarlet coat with silver buttons Patriot for the rebellion bad temper Betsy is his girlfriend argues with his father took the Brown Bess
ranaway a few times Eliphalet (Life) Meeker respected background views personality feelings he is respected by many people born in Redding
owns a Tavern Tory
against the rebellion
sees himself as a subject of the king courageous practical
has a temper stands up to the cowboys he has hit Sam before for arguing he does not like the war
loyal he is loyal to England and its king he believes children should respect their elders
he does right first, and then he becomes friendly Alike Characters Different Characters Eliphalet (Life) Meeker and Sam meeker are alike characters because they both think they are right. Sam thinks all the things he says are right and he argues his point with Life. Life thinks he is right because he is Sam's father and children should keep quiet even if the grownups are wrong. Sam and Life have the same attitude. They are both proud and could take control if they had to. In other words, they are good leaders. Also, Life and Sam both lose their tempers. If the two get angry, they would easily yell and lose their temper. They both have bad temper. There bad tempers both result in something bad. For instance, Life might hit Sam, or Sam might run away. Tim Meeker and Sam Meeker are very different characters. Sam is very brave and wanted to go into war, while Tim is nervous and doesn't get much glory next to Sam. Sam always argues and disagrees with his father, but Tim obeys his father. Sam goes to Yale and earns telling points while Tim does chores around his father's tavern. Tim is a very responsible and mature kid and Sam is a smart and brave young man who has run away a few times before. Both Tim and Sam typically get along with each other and know how to deal with each other. Sam is definitely a Patriot and is for the rebellion. Tim, on the other hand, is undecided and very confused about the rebellion. He just wants it to end. Read family Ned the slave Sanford family Families in general Sam barely got to see his family
Father was captured and died
Sam was thought to be a cattle thief and shot publicly Betsy barely got to see Sam
In the end, Betsy didn't care who won the war, she just wanted Sam to come home Ned was beheaded Jerry Sanford was captured by the British and died Families were hungry because food prices went up
Many people were taken as prisoners
Many families got their cattle stolen Authors Purpose The authors purpose of the book, My Brother Sam Is Dead, is to entertain and inform the reader with a mixture of facts and opinions. For example, the Meeker Tavern is a real place, it's just not located where the story said it was. The story was during the Revolutionary war period and although many characters were based on real people, many of there names were changed. The story was an entertaining story about one family and the many troubles they faced, but a lot of the plot line is not true. In the story Sam is publically shot, but that never actually happened. My Brother Sam Is Dead was entertaining and although some items are true, many were not true. Conflict and Resolution In the book, My Brother Sam Is Dead, the conflict is that Tim does not know whether to be on the Patriot or Tory side. You know this from the beginning in the rising action. Throughout the whole story, Tim has this conflict with himself and he does not know whether his father, or Sam is right. Tim thinks they both make good points, but he knows there is more to it. Tim goes back and forth throughout the story. Tim said, "We are mostly Tories here. I suddenly realized that I was." (Page 145) In the end, Tim ends up against war in general and does not like either side. Tim said, "I no longer lived in Redding after Sam's death. I hated the place." (Page 210) Tim's problems were solved, when he chose his side, right after Sam's death. Rising Action: Climax: Falling Action: Resolution: Tim does not know whether he should be on the Tory or Patriot side. Life is captured by the cowboys and dies on a British prison ship, causing Tim to mature quickly. Sam is going to get executed for being a cattle thief. Tim goes to Sam's execution realizing there is nothing he can do about it. Sam gets shot and dies. Created By: Jessica R. Spring Summer Fall
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