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Copy of Smartphones: Should They Be in the Classroom?

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Jordan Hopkins

on 24 January 2017

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Transcript of Copy of Smartphones: Should They Be in the Classroom?

Smartphones: Should They Be in the Classroom?
Smartphones are affordable and portable
"Smartphones are the one technology that can eliminate the digital divide." (Soloway)
Students can interact with their devices to learn easier
"With the proliferation of tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices, the number of games, apps, and software to help students learn to read and increase their literacy skills is growing fast." (Ash)
Cell phones shouldn't be banned in schools
"...cell phones can be a tool for cheating...but does that mean we should ban any material that can be used for cheating-including pencils and pens?" (Weingarten)
North Carolina high school students who struggled with math were given smartphones with an app called Project K-Nect.
Students struggle with math and get involved with Project-Knect
The app had internet access, a tutoring website accessible at any time, and a website where they can post questions and help.
Works Cited
Davis, Michelle R. "Making Math Connections; A project that
uses smartphones as learning tools is giving students a
new perspective on math."
Weingarten, Randi. "Cell Phones Should Not Be Banned
in Schools."
Soloway, Elliot. "Smartphones Will Benefit Classroom
Ash, Katie. "Tablets, Smartphones Influence Reading
"...she can use heir school-issued smartphone to send instant messages to her teacher or classmates for help. She can use the same device to connect to the internet and post an algebra question on a school math blog. Or she can watch student- or teacher- created videos demonstrating algebra concepts on her smartphone screen." (Davis)
Kids and teens will continue to find creative ways to misbehave or cheat with or without smartphones.
Smartphones are affordable and portable
"E-books make it possible for children and parents to read and learn together even if they're miles apart" (Ash)
Students can interact with devices to learn easier
Useful or Distracting?
In conclusion...
kids using smartphones in class and at school would help improve their grades because they can use the apps and tools on their phones.
there would be no reason to worry about safety if they had a way to contact people in case of emergency.
If cell phones weren't allowed kids would be struggling like they are now; but having cell phones at school would help change that.
"...there are many schools that could craft a policy that permits students to keep a cell phone on their person but require it [to] be turned off, allow students to keep a cell phone in a school locker, or develop some other plan that is appropriate for the individual school."
"'It would be very hard to go back' to teaching math in a traditional way, says Clarke. 'To be honest with you, I don't know if I could do it.'"(Davis)
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