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Thesis (Online Patient Management System)

For Thursday! :D I can make it! :D goodluck!

Glenn Cumpio

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Thesis (Online Patient Management System)

Introduction Purpose
Description Project Context University Health Services holds database system for its medical records employees and student Objectives Scope and Limitation Literature Review General Objective The general objective of this study is to create an Online Patient Management System for Far Eastern University Health Services, which is capable of storing patient information and online dental appointment with Short Message Service Functionality. Specific Objective 1.To develop an online reservation for dental appointments in Far Eastern University Health Services.
2.To develop a system that is user friendly for the personnel of Far Eastern University by creating a simple user interface.
3.To provide Short Message Service for dentist and patients to cancel appointments.
4.To deploy an automated database for the medical history of the community of Far Eastern University. 5.To apply modern change of technology in the Far Eastern University Health Services.
6.To reduce the paper works for the everyday routine of the Far Eastern University Health Services.
7.To reduce the time being consumed in finding and recording the medical history of the patients.
8.To provide a convenient way for the patients to view their medical concerns in University Health Services using the internet. •Patient Management is a solution for clinics
that allows the electronic management of patient's records. •The application makes the process of data collection easier and eliminates the tedious
tasks of maintaining paper files. •SMS is an acronym that stands for Short Message Service, more commonly known in places as text messaging or "texting." •Short Message Service is not the only texting technology, but it is the standard used by most major cell phone networks. •The University Health Services is headed by a Director, who is assisted by a staff of physicians, dentists, medical technologists, nurses, x-ray technologist, record clerks, and medical/dental office aides. •The University Health Services provides quality medical care services and comprehensive health and wellness education at no cost. Online Ticketing System with Short
Message Service (SMS) for
Philippine Long Distance Telephone
(PLDT) – Balara Branch The Online Ticketing System with Short Message Service (SMS) for Philippine Long Distance Telephone Balara Branch aims to lessen the work and effort of their repairman and to reduce the manpower and usage of vehicle fuel. The project also focuses in the validation of the system and to make the ticketing system of PLDT more efficient and reliable. This is a very useful source for the proponents. This thesis can help the proponents specially in the field of
short message services SCOPE LIMITATION - Programming language
- Automated database
- Online dental appointment system with SMS
Functionality - Records
- Prescription module
- Appointment system When having check-ups or appointments, the student must give their Identification Card to integrate the manual process of handling the documents into an automated system online appointment system for dental purposes Short message services functionality
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