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Baiji White Dolphin

No description

Eddy Tran

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of Baiji White Dolphin

When were the Baiji White Dolphin discovered and how long were they alive for?
When did the Baiji White Dolphin become extinct?
There were many predators of the baiji white dolphin such as the killer whale and the shark. But the most dangerous predator was the human, you might be wondering what they did to become the top predator of the baiji white dolphin.
well they fished with electricity which is illegal.Humans are known for about 40% of the deaths of baiji white dolphins.
The Baiji white dolphin is a
carnivore. It only eats freshwater fish. The Yangtze river is home to 350 different species of fish, one of the fish that lives there and one of the many fish that the Baiji white dolphin ate is the Chinese paddlefish which is endangered.

The Baiji White Dolphin lived in a freshwater river, the spectacular Yangtze River, the third longest river in the world.The Yangtze River is located in the Tanggula Mountains in Qinhai Province, China, with its source in the Plateau of Tibet to its mouth on the East Sea of China.
Fossil records suggest that the dolphin first appeared 25 million years ago and migrated from the Pacific Ocean to the Yangtze River 20 million years ago
The dolphins were discovered in 202 B.C
What adaptations did the Baiji White Dolphin have?
The Baiji White Dolphin has many adaptations. The adaptation it has was camouflage, it will blend in with the water, uses echolocation to avoid things due to their bad eyesight, they use clicks and whistles like a normal dolphin to communicate. They have no symbiosis of any kind.
Why did the Baiji White Dolphin become extinct?
There were many things that made it become extinct. One of the reasons were the "Humans". They did the most damage. They polluted the water, electric fishing, eating the dolphin, shipping traffic and construction. The other two animals that did the damage too were the killer whale and the sharks. So the main problem was that there were too many predators.
List any other facts about the Dolphin
What did the Baiji White Dolphin eat?
What Predators did the Baiji White Dolphin have?
Was the Baiji White Dolphin a carnivore, herbivore , scavenger, omnivore or decomposer?
Where did the Baiji White Dolphin live?
The Chinese river dolphin, has many names like the Baiji white dolphin, Yangtze River dolphin, white flag dolphin, white fin dolphin and the Baiji. The scientific name for it is the Lipotes vexillifer. males can grow as long as 229 m, females 253 and when born 0.9 m.
They can weigh up to 500 pounds,
They can have a blue or gray and and a white belly. The baiji white dolphin is the rarest mammal in the world.
In December 2006, the baiji white dolphin became extinct. In 2006, scientists from the Baiji Foundation traveled up the Yangtze River for more than 2,000 miles equipped with optical instruments and underwater microphones, but were unable to detect any surviving dolphins
The Baiji white dolphin likes to eat freshwater fish and despite having teeth, they don't use their teeth to chew. Instead, the Baiji White Dolphin likes to eat its prey whole.
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