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4. Human Resources Planning

Human Resources Management

Ahmed Elbadry

on 7 December 2014

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Transcript of 4. Human Resources Planning

Rules Of Engagement
1. HR Planning Definition
The process of systematically reviewing human resource requirements to ensure that the required number of employees, with the required skills, is available when they are needed to achieve Organization strategic goals.
Aumentativo e diminutivo:
Eles como propio nome já diz são usados
para mostrar o tamanho dos substantivos.
Human Resources Management
Human Resources Planning
By: Ahmed El Badry
Welcome & Introduction
Participation is badly required .
Side discussions are seriously prohibited.
Questions are more than welcomed anytime.
1. Human Resources Planning Definition
2. Aims of Human Resources Planning.
3. The process of human resource planning
4. Human Resources Forecasting Techniques.
5. How to deal with surplus & Shortage of Human Resources.
Target Items To Covered
2. Aims of Human Resources Planning
Attract and retain the number of people required with the appropriate skills, expertise and competencies;
Anticipate the problems of potential surpluses or deficits of people
Develop a well-trained and flexible workforce, thus contributing to the organization’s ability to adapt to an uncertain and changing environment.
Reduces dependence on external recruitment when key skills are in short supply by formulating retention.
Improve the utilization of people by introducing more flexible systems of work.
3. The Process of Human Resource Planning
1. Forecasting of Company Activities (sales size or Production size).
2. Performance Standards Designing.
3. Estimating Human Resources Demand.
Sales Size by Units / Performance Standards
4. Estimating Current Internal human resources supply.
5. Estimating the net number of human resources internal supply.
6. Compare Demand for Human Resources and supply for Human Resources.
7. Making the right decision of Balancing Supply And Demand of human resources.

3. The Process of Human Resource Planning
4. Human Resources Forecasting Techniques
Managerial or expert judgment
Trend analysis
Ratio analysis
Scatter Plot
3. The Process of Human Resource Planning
3. The Process of Human Resource Planning
5. How to deal with surplus & Shortage of Human Resources
• Reduced Hours
• Demotion
• Transformation Training
• Early Retirement
• Termination
Dealing With Surplus
5. How to deal with surplus & Shortage of Human Resources
Dealing With Shortage
• Promotion
• Temporary labor
• Sub Contract
• Overtime
• Succession Planning.
• Recruitment
Thank you!
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Contact Information
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