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My Life

first prezi for Oral Comm

Sean Morton

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of My Life

One wild adventure Infancy The Beggining The Gradeschool Era Born in Colorado
September 15, 1995 Parents Tom and Lisa Morton I am their first child The rest of my life lies
ahead of me,
waiting for me to jump in An Introduction to... Private Education
from the Start At St. Thomas More Parish School My first friendships are made through
epic games of tag during recess Together, we lived life to the fullest,
breaking rules
talking in class
joking around ALL the time Simply enjoying the short-lived freedom of childhood together Soon followed by my sister, Dianna, in 1999 The Introduction of Sports Soccer is an instant favorite from Kindergarten onward and I soon become a fairly talented player I also played baketball during this time My hieght gives me a decisive advantage over my teamates A life filled with boring uniforms, but excellent education and I enjoyed learning new things about the
world around me
So I excelled in Science and Reading from the begginig and unlike many of my peers,
I actually liked school My Life Allergies Get in the Way Grass
Tobacco Weekly shots are a pain in the butt Well, actually, they're a pain in the arms And the road to recovery is a long one
that interferes with both school
and sports One of the most important things in any kid's life A Confusing Time A.K.A. Middle School School Goes On Still at St. Thomas More But things have changed Many of my friends and I grow apart and reasons are left unexplained The first year of Middle School
was a lonely one And I HATED it But life carried on Puberty The next year I got some friends back and life was good again But... An event started in my life
that most call... let the craziness begin With: longer, clumsy limbs cracking deeper voice and an overall awkwardness every day All this leading up to... The Rediscovery of Girls This is the time when I had
my first Girlfriend and my life would never be the same for she turned it inside out But it had to end, and
she broke my heart and it was hard to move
on for a long time But I eventually did and grew a lot from that experience Soon, Graduation came and then... High School @Regis Jesuit A whole new beggining The Fall Compass Day: Welcome
to Regis I played freshman soccer and had a great time and learned a lot I was very excited to be
a high schooler And like I was in gradeschool
I am excited to learn Winter/Spring Finals come and pass Freshman Retreat
was a lot of fun Track and Field I tried out
something new I was cut from basketball,
but that didn't upset me My best events are:
300 m Hurdles
400 m Dash
1600 m Relay
110 m High Hurdles My position was full-time Goalkeeper The Future What I have planned at least School I will continue at Regis for the rest
of my high school career College Possibly the
Air Force
Academy or maybe The Colorado
School of Mines I would like to be an aeronautical engineer and/or a writer Proffesion But, God only knows what will happen
throughout the rest of...
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