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mind mapping act 5

No description

Karah Anderson

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of mind mapping act 5

Cyrano de Berack
Act 5 ROxane now lives in a convent now.Cyrano comes and visits her every Saturday at a certain time the clock strikes. Cyrano loves to bug and tease the nuns. Every time he goes and see's Roxane he tease the nuns about how he ate meat that day. Roxane wears "Christain letter" around her neck everyday sence he has died. Cyrano is a poor man now. He doesnt eat very much these days. He writes plays making fun of fake nobles, fake saints, and fake artists. De Guiche is jealous of Cyrano. De Guich is now a duke and marshall but he cant say what he wants and when he wants to. Cyrano can say what he wants and when he wants. Sence Cyrano is making fun of people in his plays he is getting lots of people mad at him. So when he is walking one day he gets hit by a log in the head and is caused lots of brain damage. Cyrano starts talking to Roxane about leaves and how they know how to die and let go. He is comparing a falling leaf to himself dieing. Cyrano brings up the note around Roxane neck and asks her if he can read it. She says he can he starts reading it outloud, she starts to realize something. Its getting dark out and Cyrano is still reading it easilly. The darkness brings Roxane back to the night on the balcony. she recongizes the voice and notices it is to dark out to read. She then realizes that he was loved her all these years. De Guiche starts running down to them yelling at Cyrano telling him how stupid it was to come here. Roxane notices that he isnt doing well and that the faint was him slowly dieing. He starts to pretend that he is fighting because that is how he wanted to die not by getting hit by a log. Roxane starts talking about the dealth felt tiwice. The dealth she has felf twice would be Cyrano because she thought she lost him because Christian was saying his words and she was mourning over Christians word not Cyranos.She i s now mournign over Cyrano because it was actually his words that she loved so much.
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