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Devising Drama

a starting point

Terry Cripps

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Devising Drama

A starting point
for a piece of devised drama

As performers we are often merely concerned with the scripted play.
It is, of course, the case that the author of a script has devised a play.
The process of devising plays requires a demanding and subtle set of skills.
Children's fine and gross motor skills will develop, they will gain confidence in what they can do and this will help build their self-esteem.
So by the end you should:

Know how to develop and shape ideas
Be able to rehearse for a devised performance
Be able to perform devised drama

Developing the Key Elements in Drama
Developing your devising skills
by using an Improv. structure
The Improv. structure we will use today is called the La Ronde.
To have been successful today you will have adopted at least one of these roles.

(adapting your ideas as ideas and circumstances change)

(develop original performance material to achieve results and manage discussions to reach agreements)

(have a go and bring something to the table)

(responding positively to change, seeking advice and support when needed dealing with competing pressures) and

(inviting feedback on your work and dealing positively with praise, setbacks and criticism evaluating your experiences and learning to inform future progress)

We are going to use improvisation in an attempt to generate ideas and capture the creativity of the group
Today you are going to use Improvisation as a starting point for a piece of devised drama.
Areas of theatre covered:
Areas of theatre covered:
Areas of theatre covered:
Dance Movement
The playwright often experiences a lonely and fraught period while the content of the play slowly reveals itself on the pages of a script.
Today we are going to tackle devising in a far more dynamic way. We cannot wait for the script to be written!
We have characters, creativity and concepts within us bursting to come out!
"Ain't nobody
got no time
for that!"
Unit 11: Devising Performance Work
We have characters, creativity and concepts within us bursting to come out!
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