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20.2 Features of the Ocean Floor

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Katelynn Dorn

on 14 January 2015

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Transcript of 20.2 Features of the Ocean Floor

continental margins- shallow
deep ocean basin- oceanic crust and thin sediment layer
Division of Ocean Floor
20.2 Features of the Ocean Floor
continental shelf
- edge of continent covered by water
East Coast- 170 km
Siberia- 1280 km
Many are smooth due to when they were exposed by low sea level
Continental Margins
Continental Slope- boundary between continental crust and oceanic crust
ocean depth increases thousands of m
submarine canyons- v-shaped valleys
created by turbidity currents
sediments deposited by turbidity currents form a continental rise
Continental Margins
contiental margin, continental shelf, continental slope, continental rise, submarine canyon
Label it
volcanic mountain ranges
deep trenches
Deep Ocean Basins
trenches- long narrow deep features
Mariana Trench- 11,000 m deep
trenches are associated with earthquakes, volcanic mountain ranges, and island arcs
abyssal plains
large flat areas
flattest regions on earth
covered in sediments from continental margins
Trenches & Abyssal Plains
mid-ocean ridges: underwater mountain ranges
some rise above sea level
form when plates pull away from each other
have rift, narrow depression
seamounts- submerged volcanic mountains
guyots- flat-topped submerged seamounts
Mid-Ocean Ridges and Seamounts
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