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presentación de la marca

Carolina Romero

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Snapple

...SNAPPLE... 1991 Snapple becomes a nationally recognized brand. Being the first to serve drinks in a single serving wide-mouthed glass bottles and intoduces the HOTPACKING... 1972 Unalduterated Food Products Co.
Leonard Marsh
Hyman Golden
Arnold Greenberg 1978 they created an Apple Soda that Fizzled so much ... that several bottles exploded...(SNAP) soo.. it became>>> Tactics: 1) New Exotic Flavors
2)Focus Points: U.S. Coasts
3)Own Distribution Channels specially small shops.
4)Make the Product Available to Anyone.
Publicity: NAtional Radio, Television, Off-Beat Humor, Consumer Composed Jingles, Product Placement in Shows, Word of Mouth, Wendy The Snapple Lady. 1994 Quaker Oats The market of New Age Drinks changed dramatically, so Quaker wanted to keep up by implementing new advertising and promotional tactics. One example was the : Snapple Love Fest Critics: Snapple is mostly sweetened water that contains only 10% fruit juice and 1 bottle of snapple iced tea, contains more calories than 1 Coke. New strategies: New people in brand management, reduced the number of flavors, reduced contract manufacturers, tripled the ad budget, changes in flavor line and created a system to process orders faster. 1997 TRIARC well, we really think we bought... not a company but a brand...And not only the largest brand in the premium beverage category, but a brand that actually defines what the category is. Strategy:
heavy investments in new product development and employed dynamic marketing strategies that would differenciate SNAPPLe from competitors and recapture consumers attention. New Products like: Whipper Snapple, Sweet Tea, Snapple Farms, Snapple Hydro. 2000 Cadbury Schweppes Cadbury mantained everything the same, also bought Nantucket Nectars and Adams Confections.
2002 new adds with bottles personified and the Dye Hard Snapple Tour. Also it introduced new exotic flavors on holidays like St. Valentines Day, April Fools Day and Tax Day. They also Introduced new White Tea Adds.
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