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Steps to a Persuasive Letter 2nd Grade

A review on the steps to write a persuasive letter for 2nd graders

Emily Akimoto

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Steps to a Persuasive Letter 2nd Grade

Facts are things that are true for everyone
You can prove a fact is true.
Example: "We should learn about salmon because we could learn about their life cycle." Focus and Plan 3 Parts of a persuasive letter 3. Conclusion Goal Start Brainstorm what
you will write about. 2. Opinions Tell the reader why they should do what you want or think like you do. You will write three paragraphs.
Each paragraph needs to have 2 or more sentences.
You need to begin the letter with the date and a greeting.
You need to end with a closing (sincerely,)
You will convince your reader to think the same as you! Persuasive Letters Making your reader think the
same thing you do! What are you going to write about? 1. Facts Summarize why your reader should do what you want.
Tell them why it is a good idea. You need facts, opinions, and a conclusion Last paragraph What do you want?
Why do you need it?
Why should the other person want it? What is persuasive writing? When you try to persuade someone, you want them to think the same thing as you. Persuasive Monkey wants you to think the same thing he does: that pigs fly. opinions are how you feel or what you think
opinions are not true for everyone
Example: "We should learn about salmon because we would think it was really awesome!" Owls are the best animals.

The sky is blue.

Sushi is delicious.

Cats are hilarious.

I have two feet.

Hairballs are gross.

Persuasive writing is the coolest! I am in elementary school.

My school is in Chico, CA.

Letters begin with the date and a greeting.

Broccoli is super delicious.

Strawberry frozen yogurt is the best.

My teacher is super-duper amazing.

Finally: end with a closing Sincerely,
Your name Write the date in the top, right corner
Write a greeting
Start with: January 14, 2013 Dear Mrs. Lady,
Please remember to
indent when you begin a
new paragraph. Use the graphic organizer to help you plan your writing Facts Opinions Conclusion Use the checklist to make sure you included everything. Did you indent the first line of each paragraph?

Did you use capital letters at the beginning of sentences?

Did you end each sentence with a period or other punctuation?

Do you have three paragraphs?

Is one paragraph facts, one opinions, and one a conclusion? You did it!
You are a master of persuasive letters!
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