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Pizza hut

dominos or pizza hut

Becky JOnes

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Pizza hut

Harbinger Marketing B.R.P. By, Chase Dammarell James Goede Becky Jones Austin Schlosser Taylor Sutton Pizza Hut vs. Dominos Pizza Hut Pros Cons Dominos Pros Cons Tastes like Which one is better? Crowd Pleasing crusts Delicious Great and various side dishes The #1 pizza in America Ro Robs you blind because it costs so much Cardboard Cheaper, by a whole lot of $$$ Has sandwiches Costs a lost of money and they rob you blind The war for a better tasting pizza What steps have Dominos Made? Step 1 Step#2 Put Garlic butter on the crust change the whole "flavor" of the ingredients Step #3 Advertise how terrible the pizza really was People say that trying to make the pizza better is a waste of time Their reputation will precede them No matter what they do eventhough they spent all this money On their nasty pizza "improvements" is a waste of time Stick with Pizza Hut Why? Because America says so
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