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Death Note

No description

Yunosuke Suzuki

on 2 August 2013

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Transcript of Death Note

by Yunosuke
What's the DEATH NOTE?
the world of
DEATH NOTE is a suspense movie that based on Japanese comic.
It's made from 2 parts and that was a first trial to divide the story into two films.
Each parts recorded the box office of 4 milion.
"The human whose
name is written in this note shall die"
This note looks like a normal note,but it made from strange material which the human doesn't know about it.
That's why,nobody can control this one.
There are 2 main clever character
who put on display of exciting brain battle
Thank you
for your attention!

About the DEATH NOTE
This is the complicated story concerning DEATH NOTE.
Kira :
light yagami
Light Yagami is played by Tatsuya Hujiwara
who is one of the famous actor in Japan.
Hero of this movie.
His hope is a change the rotten world
where is too much crime.
He is a college student who is the most genius among all over the japanese university.
One day he picked up a DEATH NOTE
and noticed that he can change the world
by himself if he use a note.
he starts doing to change the world
reliable(?) buddy,
He is a god of death
who dropped a DEATH NOTE to this world.
Why did he drop a note?
"It was because i was just dull
that i dropped it."
Another hero of this movie
Kenichi Matsuyama plays him.
He is also an amazing genius
who is commonly known as
He is the
most famous detective
in all
the world
But he has never appeared in public
so none knows about him.
Why is this movie liked
from the world besides Japan?
There are not only serious scenes,
but also humorous scenes.
A different unique personality
that each character has.
High level battle
by the genius and genius
In order to arrests Kira,he begins to move.
You can't foresee
what will happen!
In the end...
Moreover he thinks that "i have to change the world."
This movie will excite you in every scene.
Of course,including me.
And also this movie never makes you bored at all time.
If you watch only the first half,then you also would certainly want to watch the latter half.
are you interested in about what happens in the end?
Let's try,then you should check it out!
And enjoy!!
That's all!
That's why,
i recommend this movie,
you're sure to find it interesting!
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