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No description

kimberley nguyen

on 28 April 2010

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FUTURE TECHNOLOGIES 1st, with the future entertainment... Now with the future robots In the future there will be the same kind of technology as we have now, but they
will make it more complex
than the technologies now. There could be things to entertain us that we could never come up with in the future (is'nt that cool!!). In the future, there could be
gadgets that can allow us to see and even feel things that aren't realy there.
In the future, scientists are hoping to make smart robots with artificial intelligence which will obey humans.
Scientists are hoping to create robots with a mind of their own, and try to make them act like us humans.
They are trying to make the future robots look some what like humans even! But some are normal looking robots with a mechanical body THANKS FOR WATCHING!!!!!
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