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information about the uses of telerobots and how they function in every day life- by Jose Hernandez and Selena Studebaker

Jose Hernandez

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Telerobots

by Selena Studebaker and Jose Hernandez Telerobots Predictions The Impact
of Telerobotics How are Telerobots Taught to
Perform a certain task? What Tasks Do
Telerobots Perform? How do Telerobots Relate to Employment Video/Pictures predictions for telerobots are that they will be able to handle heavier things and do more complicated tasks. an impact is that telerobots show how far we have come through technology and lead us to many new discoveries. Telerobot learns and interprets from a computer and/or program. Are the Telerobot's an example of a career using telerobotics is NASA using rovers and other robots to do things that are still not humanly possible (the mars rover is a commonly known one)
deep sea exploration also use telerobots to go in the depths of the ocean that would crush a person or submarine due to it's intense pressure the predator Where are Telerobots Used? What is its work envelope? End Effector Multi-Functional? What Sensors Do Telerobots use and how do they react to them The Advantages And Disadvantages of Telerobotics the raptor one advantage of telerobotics is that people are able to explore places that they aren't able to. And people that have disadvantages in life such as handicaps can use them to do tasks they aren't able to do themselves
one disadvantage is that the robot might malfunction and cause it to break something or itself. telerobots are robots that are controlled by a computer and accepts instructions from a trained human operator to do tasks like lifting objects or reaching out like a human hand to do things that woud otherwise harm the person. Telerobots are used in multiple areas of work for example telerobots are used in factories the bottom of the ocean and even in space. Yes, telerobot's gave many functions including explorin heavy lifting or handling things that are dangerous. Telerobots are hydraulically powered 7-function responds to operator's command/movement
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