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Unique 21 Marketing Action Plan

No description

Kim Khan

on 19 December 2014

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Transcript of Unique 21 Marketing Action Plan

PR Campaign
Unique 21
Social Media
Initiate all forms of social media :

Unique 21 Marketing Action Plan
Month 1: Week 1

Social Media talent: product placement

Tanya Burr, Zoella, Niomi Smart, Anna Saccone, BeautyCrush, ViviannaDoesMakeup, Lily Pebbles (managed by Gleam)
Vloggers: Ally Valentine, ThePersianBabe
Facebook Competition

Month 1: Week 2
- Create a company logo

- Consider a tagline

- Think of a positioning statement

- Set up databse
- Agree on company name

- Register company

- Register domain name

Company set up
Company set up
Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest Google+ YouTube
Will need a budget to promote outlets and gain followers
Populate all of the above with:

- Coming soon messages
- Garment previews
- Teaser campaigns
Maintain social presence via:

-Celebrity gossip
Measured by numbers of:

-Retweets and favourites
Lily Melrose, Melon Lady, London's Closet, SheWearsFashion, What Emma Did, SaraLuxe, Fashion Dotty, Sweetiesal , VIPXO, In the Frow, High Street Fashion, Lurch Hound Loves, Article 21
Month 1: Week 1
Social Media
Decide on the prize:

Decide on the instructions:
- Win clothes
- A day out
- Meet a celebrity
- Host an event

- Design an outfit
- Post a photo
- Like the page
- Share a post

Month 1: Week 2
Social Media
-Like & Share to win
-Link with Facebook competition
-Follow & retweet to win
-Follow & regram to win
-Create five boards
-Add to circle to win
Month 1:
Weeks 3 & 4
Social Media
- Continue to promote and publicise competition across various forms of media
- Pick winner

- Contact winner (runners up)
- Arrange announcement
- Arrange publicity
- Contact magazines, blogs, online
Week 3
Week 4
- Create media lists
- Create list of stylists, talent managers etc
- Draft & issue letter of introduction
- Negotiate & implement sampling programme
- Source product placement
- Agree policy on gifting events
- Establish PR campaign details
- Draft trend prediction press release
- Draft product-led press release, etc
- 'Steal Her Style'& 'Get the Look' features
- Product led releases
- Trend articles
- Media
- Stylists
- Letters
- Photos
- Introduction
- Talent Managers

Month 1: Week 1
-Product placement
-Gifting events
-Competition budget
- Competition calendar

Need to decide:
-Potential PR stunt
-Trend predictions
-Product-led press releases
-Seasonal PRs (Christmas prep in August)
-Targeted feature PRs

Months 1 & 2:
- Contact media and liaise with network
- Pitch for Back to Education features
Month 3:
- Pitch for Christmas features,
short leads, press release,
bio, fact sheet and images
Key points:
Month 1: Week 1
Policy Agreement
Month 1: Week 1
PR Media Action
Bisous Natasha, Elizabeth Keene, Shore Delano, Shope Delano, Mckenna Bleu, Ally May Carey, Niamh Webb O'Rourke, Lauren Rutherford, Lauren Rutherford, TheRebeccaCoco
Measured by:

- Coverage in print and online

- AVE (Advertising Value Equivalent)

- Media requests from journalists

- Demand from suppliers
To ensure audiences search for the website, a comprehensive advertising campaign should be implemented
- Promote Posts

- Display Network

-Promote Tweets
- Short lead magazines
Print Media

-Marie Claire
Short Lead:
Long Lead:
Measured by
- Return on investment

- Reach

- Public discussion & interaction

- Demand from suppliers

- Photo-shoots

- Press interviews

- Wearing clothes

- £10k - supply clothes for celebrity to wear & Tweet/ Instagram

- £30k - photo-shoots, press interviews, wearing selected
garments to events
Potential celebrities
Bands / Singers:

- Little Mix
- Neon Jungle
- Tamera
- Ella Eyre

Reality Shows & Presenters:

- Big Brother
- Geordie Shore
- Becca Dudley (MTV)
YouTubers, bloggers & instagrammers get exposure to all realms of social media. A #hashtag is important.
Trade Shows
Month 7
-High Street Preview show

-Exhibitor Space

-April - nominate Drapers Awards
- February, May, September

- 5,000 attendees

- UK media coverage each season exceeds £130m
- Shows in August & February

- Aim for Feb 2015

- 12,000 unique visitors

- Attendance of SKV representative to liaise with journalists
- UK’s leading fashion buying event

- Over 12,000 buyers from independent and department stores

- Buy exhibition space for February 2015

- SKV to provide press support and help invite buyers to the stand
Thank you
Negotiate package with agents:
Month 2: Ongoing
Month 2: Ongoing
Month 2: Ongoing
SMS Marketing
Month 4
- SMS messages are read within four minutes, making them highly convertible

- Messages are delivered instantly - saving much time

- SMS messages are difficult to ignore, with an extremely high open (and read) rate

- Offer a reliable and direct connection to customers

- Applicable to your target market age range
(16-25 yrs)

Student Market
- Females

- Aged 16- 25

- Students (consider student discount)

- Contact universities (create a database)
Fee: £60 an hour to co-ordinate all PR activity,
branding and social media

Typical monthly retainer: £2,500
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