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Team Distinction 2


Timo Saikkala

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Team Distinction 2

Team Distinction Your Future: Green lights
all the way... Team Members: Increase Demand
Improve Reputation Save Time Work Integrated Learning
and Internships Competitive Strategy DIfferentiated Marketing Strategy

Rational Appeal - Focus on informing; less focus on pursuading.

Tailored channels for target markets
Marketing Mix Conclusion Target Market High Achievers Parents & Carers Sarah Patfull - Project Manager
Rob Wiley - Coordination Manager
Emily White - Managerial Accountant
Timo Saikkala - Operations Manager Company Overview Company Objectives The Product The unique product Griffith Logan offers is the
Applied Business Degree, with both Accelerated and
Proffesional (internship based) programs. Graduate with two
years experience High School Leavers
Non-griffith Uni Students
Mature Age Students Short term objective: Increase student numbers

Long term objective: Attract high achievers ‘Your Future: Green Lights All the Way’ $75,000 first year budget
Rebranding Campus
eg; Foyer, School Newsletters, Web Advertising etc.
Website Redesign
Long Term Marketing Mix Expanded range of business subjects
Eg. Asian studies, languages, Masters programs, IT & Web design.

Industry Mixers
Past and present students, relevant business’ and organisations.

Improved Exit program
Detailed lectures and workshops.
Skills on writing applications, personal attire, resume writing.

Child Care facilities
Subsidised / moderate costs
Varied hours

Keep OP levels the same Financials Based on a conservative estimated current market demand of 2550 persons, there is as much as $56,100,000 in potential revenue that can be accessed by successful marketing.

Given the a marketing budget of $75,000, as few as 20 extra enrolments generated by marketing could show a return on the investment. Website Rebuild:

School Visits/Events:

Web Advertising:
Usage Statistics
IP Geolocation Specialty URL's
ie: http://griffith.edu.au/greenlights
or http://greenlightstoyourfuture.com
Information Collection @ Events Advertising system control panel
or dashboard.
ie: Statistics provided by
Facebook Ads or Google Adwords Survey Sustainability Public Relations Branding School Visits
Social Events/Mixers
Press Releases
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