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Welcome to Geometry


Jennifer Dukelow

on 20 May 2010

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Transcript of Welcome to Geometry

Welcome to Geometry Arcadia has a new mission statement this year: Success through A H S ction onor cholarship You will need all of these things to pass this class Some facts about your teacher: This is my fifth year teaching at Arcadia.
I graduated from Arcadia in 2001.
I went to college at ASU (Go Devils!)
I love teaching Geometry!
I go to Disneyland every single year! What does she expect from us? Arrive to class on time Show up prepared: This means prepared to learn and prepared with all the necessary materials Respect me and your classmates Take notes and participate Follow the dress code and the electronics policy Do all of your homework Have fun! Do not talk while I am talking Classroom Policies You may not have any food or drinks except water in the classroom No gum allowed! All assignments must be completed in pencil A pencil from me costs at least a quarter. If you give me the pencil back before you leave the room, you will get your money back. To borrow a calculator, you must give me your current AHS ID. You may only buy candy from the candy machine before class starts or during homework time. Note: The candy machine takes dimes and quarters ONLY. If you jam it with any other coins, I will not like you anymore and it will go away. I do not put up with people disrupting other students' learning. If you are disruptive during my lesson, you will be sent out immediately. Exciting News! Each Friday, I will choose an Outstanding Student of the Week from one of my six classes. That student will be recognized on the board for a week and will get to pick a prize from the PRIZE BOX!! There are many ways to be the chosen one...you do not have to have the highest grade. So, work hard, and maybe it will be you! One last bit of important information... BONUS BUCKS! Bonus Bucks are little orange pieces of paper that work like magical math money, raising your grade instantly. Each Bonus Buck is worth one extra credit point in your homework grade. You can get them by completing extra credit opportunities, participating a lot in class, answering questions during a test review, asking a really good question, answering a tough question, etc.
You keep them in your notebook, and turn them in with your test on the next test day.
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