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The Tree Huggers' Prezi on Deforestation

Spread the word! Stopping deforestation is key to reducing carbon levels and much more!

Oliver Mitchell

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of The Tree Huggers' Prezi on Deforestation

The Roots
Scary Statistics
Amazon Logging Part 2
What happens in markets involved with deforestation (cont...)
How does deforestation affect global warming
What is deforestation
In 1995, over 11,000 square kilometres of rainforest was felled in the Amazon. Luckily though, in 2011, 6,000 sq km was felled. The numbers have been decreasing since 2004. In 1995, 29,059 square kilometres But we could never get it down to zero, though. The consumer demand for timber is too great for deforestation too stop completely. Because of this, Brazil is one of the most deforested areas on the planet.
One year later, some of the sawmills have opened up again and people have gone back to work. This is a good example about how deforestation cannot be stopped completely, but reduced.
Deforestation is responsible for 20 percent of the carbon that is released into the atmosphere. 40 percent of that comes from the Amazon.
Another market drives deforestation. That is the amount of Brazillian Beef exported to Europe. Why do they want so much Brazillian beef? Well, many people think that European herds are infected with foot and mouth disease. And my favorite, MAD COW DISEASE!

Between 1990 and 2002, Cattle population more than doubled to 57 million. At the same time, Europe's Brazillian beef imports rose from 40% to 74%! With more and more demand for beef, more and more of the Amazon is being cut down to make way to cattle.
Amazon Logging Part 1
In the Amazon, there is a logging outpost called Tailandia. It is where most of the logging in the Amazon happens. It is also number 5 on the list of Brazilian cities’ murder rate. In 2008, the government unleashed Operation: Arc of Fire because of the alarming rate of deforestation in the Amazon shown in photos taken by satellites. They stormed the city closing down all the sawmills and fining their owners. Thousands of local residents lost their jobs.
How do people repair the damage of Deforestation
By The Tree Huggers
The Tree Huggers present...
...a totally unique and original prezi...
...which takes you on an epic adventure about...
Movie Time!
Deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest Time Lapse
By TheDailyConservation
Trees take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. Therefore, with fewer trees you get more carbon dioxide, and carbon dioxide is a powerful greenhouse gas! So that means that it can affect global warming or even start global warming.
Look at the trees!
Thank you for Watching!!!
Did you enjoy it? These smileys sure did!
They are important because they produce air for us to live. They also allow us to heat ourselves and not freeze. Without trees we will have no food because the air from trees keeps animals (and humans) alive. So if there were no trees there would be no animals for food.
Why Are Trees Important
References List
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This was a awesome experience to have when I first started this inquiry I knew nothing about this topic and I learnt so much from this and its a experience that I will never forget.Also I learnt how to research better and make a bibliography and before I made this reflection I did not know how or what a reflection meant or was and while doing this inquiry I learnt things from friends and other presentations so that teaches me that not every thing comes form the internet or book you can have friends to help.
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I got the info for how deforestation affects global warming

I got the info of why we need trees form this website


Got good info from here but I used it to find out what deforestation was

Got most of my images from here

Got statistic images from here
What happens in markets involved with deforestation

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What may happen...
Holyoake, Noel. Personal interview. 10 June 2013

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Deforesation is almost impossible to stop. Many local people rely on income from working in sawmills. The worst part is that a cubic metre of wood [1m x 1m x 1m] might be sold to a local resident for $10. When it reaches the shelves of a shop, it will be worth over $100. They are ripped off. Also, The timber market is failing due to people illegaly logging trees.
How we planted our first million trees!. (n.d.). Trees for Survival. Retrieved June 29, 2013, from http://www.tfsnz.org.nz/our-story/
Plant A Billion Trees - one dollar at a time - with The Nature Conservancy. (n.d.). Plant A Billion Trees - one dollar at a time - with The Nature Conservancy. Retrieved June 29, 2013, from http://www.plantabillion.org/
Plant-a-Tree Programmes. (n.d.). Carbon Neutral. Retrieved June 29, 2013, from http://www.carbonneutral.com.au/organisations/plant-trees.html
Building a forest can give you Carbon Credits. You can sell them to someone else so they can avoid getting taxed. You can also plant through some programmes. There are many programmes out there that help to replant the planet.
The first one is 'Trees for Survival' in New Zealand. It was started when it was seen in Australia and brought back to NZ. The Pakuranga Rotary Club took up the challenge and placed seedling units in three Pakuranga schools. The theme of the year was Preserve Planet Earth!
Another One is 'Plant a Billion Trees' in America. It's ultimate aim is to restore the Atlantic Forest, which only 7% remains! THe Atlantic forest is on the east coast of Brazil. To this, it wants to plant one BILLION native trees and rebuild 30 acres of forest.
Carbon Neutral's Plant-a-Tree is more aimed at businesses. A business can sign up to Carbon Neutral and say when something happens, they will plant a tree. It is in Australia.
In Wales, the government has taken a pledge to plant a tree for child born or adopted. It encourages kids to think about their role in preserving the enviroment. It started from January 1 2008.
When I started this unit, I wasn't too excited about it. But I have really enjoyed this inquiry. I have learnt lots of facts about deforestation, some of them are quite scary. I have used more advanced searching tenciques and found information from more sources than I ever have! I have also found it more fun doing it with a partner. I also attempted a (relativly) new way of presenting my research.
"Welsh Government|Plant!." Llywodraeth Cymru | Welsh Government. N.p., n.d. Web. 29 June 2013. <http://wales.gov.uk/topics/environmentcountryside/forestry/plantatree/?lang=en>.
Deforestation is when people cut down trees and that means we lose oxygen, wood and animals because the air keeps the animals alive. We lose about 2000 trees a year.
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