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miku nomoto

on 25 January 2017

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Transcript of ANIME

Anime is an important part of culture to almost all Japanese people of every age. It is especially popular with teens and young adults who have grown up watching many hours of Anime every week. Anime is an art in Japan and the country is proud to be the world leader of this kind, of story telling and entertainment.
The History of Anime
Lupin III
It was an Anime which came from Manga. This animation was created in 1971 is still famous and has been a series for 44 years. A new Lupin anime was a hit last year.
Another long - time success is a Japanese super robot Anime series written and illustrated by Go Nagai. It is still popular.
During the 1980's many new Anime series were introduced.
Mazinger Z
Hayao Miyazaki
Miyazaki is a great Anime writer, artist and director. He created, Japan's most famous movie director. He created the Japan's most successful movie "My Neighbor Totoro", in the 1980's.
"Ponyo", another famous Anime from his company. It is Ghiburi is popular among all generations.
This decade brought "Chibimaruko - Chan" and "Sazae - San" to the Japanese. Both are still continuing and extremely popular. They are all part of the culture of Japan because everyone has stories in common.
Chibimaruko Chan
This is the story of the life of Chibimaruko Chan, a lazy nine year old girl, and her family.
This series also started as Manga. Anime Doraemon has been running continuously since 1973. In Japan, when we went on school trips, we watched the Doraemon movies almost every time.

Sazae- San
It's broadcasted at 6:30pm every Sunday just after "Chibimarukochan".
It is the most famous family Anime in Japan that there is a joke "Trban shell's" which means "Sazae - san syndrome". It is to be sad to watch the ending of Sazae-san because, people remember that the weekend is over and have to go to work next morning.
Annsatsu Kyoshitsu
It is the turning point of Japanese Anime's society. This Anime emphasizes the new freedom and creativity that exists for teens. As a result, the popularity of Anime became high in all time.
"Annsatsukyoshitsu" means "A classroom to assassinate". In a first dropout class in a famous high school, a mysterious teacher who looks like a yellow octopus appear suddenly.
He destroyed 70% of moon and is warning that he will destroy earth and moon. So many assassins and armies try to assassinate him, but they couldn't do it.

Now, Anime is part of the Japanese culture!
Love Live
"μ's Best Album Best Live! collection" which is the theme song of the Anime was released on January 25, 2015. It became the top hit song last week in Japan. This is rare that Anime songs become the top seller, that it shows the power of Anime.
1910's: Pre Anime developed by 3 Japanese artists called the Fathers of Anime.
During WW2 Anime was used for propaganda.
1970's Japanese Anime developed quickly and was popular
Great Artists and filmmakers Miyazaki and Oshii led them. Even Disney copied their styles.
In addition to the great drawing, Anime stories are important in Japan.
In 2010's , Anime became one of the part of Japanese industry.
Many foreigners are enjoying wearing Anime's costumes. Anime is famous all over the world!!!
Even some Japanese politicians like Anime!
Taro Aso, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, has been a fan of "Manga" since childhood. He describes reading about 10 or 20 manga magazines every week and has often talked about his impression of various manga. In 2007, as Minister of Foreign Affair, he established the international Manga Award for non-Japanese manga artists.
This Anime was released this year and the box office made $49140.00. This Anime is the latest one in Japan. The second season will start this fall! Also, there will have a second series movie next year too!
Miku Nomoto
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