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The Mystery of Iniquity Analysis

No description

Shondee Haralson

on 29 January 2016

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Transcript of The Mystery of Iniquity Analysis

The Mystery of Iniquity Analysis
Author's Purpose
When Lauryn Hill stated, "The idols YOU heap, causing the destruction you reap, Judgement has come, Find it and return to the One" this is a form of allusion. You can figure that by "the One", she is referring to God, though she didn't specifically say this. As well as a reference to the stories of where God destroys idols.
Also, when it is said, "The knowledge of Good and Evil is what caused us to lie, Caused us to die", you can infer that this is a biblical reference. Specifically of Adam and Eve & the Forbidden Fruit, which brought death.
The speaker stated, "It's the mystery of iniquity...Said it's the misery of inequity...Said it's the history of inequity..." The word iniquity was used one time, which is immoral or grossly unfair behavior. On the other hand the word "inequity" was used twice. This form of repitition causes thought of the inequality within our history. Emphasizing the unfairness between races and such.
"Loving a lie, Not realizing in Adam, all die", was repeated 4 times. This made the purpose of this phrase clearer. That living for worldly things will end in death, while living through the lord saves you.
"Oh it's real, Surrender for Jehovah is real" shows a theme of religion. As God, Adam, and judgement are mentioned throughout. Religion seemed to be a large part of this piece. Her thoughts on it were told.
"The more money you pay, the further away solution", shows a theme of money and the way it affects social situations. Sometimes, the more money you have, the easier it is to throw certain things underground, like truth and justice.
"The truth is obsolete, Only two positions: victimizer or victim, Both end up in destruction trusting this crooked system". This tells of the dishonesty and failure of the court system. This is a huge meaning of the piece, as it is to inform those of the injustices and shed light on it.
"Judgment has come, Find it and return to the One, Abandon the flesh, Self-interest: Broadway to death." The speaker is attempting to reach the audience on a religious level. As a note that the more you live for worldly things and the pride of yourself you cannot truly live or prosper. She is telling to be a more holy being.
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